Year 6 so far…

This week we thought we’d share some thoughts from Year 6 pupils about how they’ve been finding Year 6 so far…

Year 6 is my favourite year! All the teachers are great: they’ll be sure to make you laugh. Before I came here I sometimes felt I wasn’t achieving as much as I could but when I came here I felt like a new person and able to achieve anything I put my mind to. They teach you loads and also make it fun!
Millie (6EB)

Ever since year 6 began, time has flown by. Every day I learn new skills in each subject I take part in. These lessons are hard but fun at the same time which is the key to enjoyment during these lessons. Determination has flooded year 6 students, all of whom are aiming to make it their most successful year!
William (6EB)

I have loved year 6 because of all the amazing lessons we do. My favourites are the creative lessons where I am able to express myself such as ART, drama and PSHCE. This year we have already performed in our Remembrance assembly where we were able to sing, dance, act and narrate. I loved it and already I cannot wait until our next opportunity to perform in the production!
Bella (6VG)

I am especially enjoying the Greater Depth writing group. It helps me to write at my full potential. I have never experienced anything like it and am learning so much!
Ivy (6VG)

Since September life in year 6 has flown by. It is a challenging year but every subject has been enjoyable because our teachers make learning fun. This year, is truly the best year group in Exwick Heights – it will bring tears to our faces when it is time to leave this school.
Theo (6BP)

During my time in Year 6 I have enjoyed many things. These include our Remembrance assembly, singing lessons and even our practice SATS week. I enjoyed the Remembrance assembly because we learnt a lot about war through writing poems, singing, narrating and acting. On top of this, we performed our wonderful assembly to our parents. I have also enjoyed our practice SATS week as we all improved our scores. My favourite lesson though is singing because we do it as an entire year group – it has brought us together as a year group! So far Year 6 has been a blast!
Amelie (6BP)

Blog by Lewis and Ben