Year 5 are poets and they just don’t know it!

Year 5 has had a fantastic first week back after the holidays! They have all settled into the school routine very quickly once again and picked up where they left off.
On Wednesday morning the children were lucky enough to watch the Beauty and the Beast production which was very entertaining!
In maths they have been calculating the perimeter and area of shapes and solving problems.
Our text for this half term is Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman and the children are really looking forward to studying poetry and writing their own poems.
In topic, we are learning about slums and exploring what life is like in a slum. This week we have used atlases to locate the five largest slums in the world and considered how fortunate we are to have clean water, sanitation and durable housing. This topic also links to our weekly PSHE lessons where we recently watched a video of children working on a cocoa plantation in Africa. The children in the video looked happy despite it being dangerous work and being at risk of poisonous snake bites on a daily basis. Year 5 completed an activity which helped them reflect on items such as phones, iPads and even pets being a luxury when compared to our basic needs.
Our forces unit in science is continuing this term and involves the children working in groups to carry out a range of interesting investigations into how forces work in real life contexts.
In our first computing lesson, we have discussed online safety and in particular watching vlogs. We learnt that vlogs which advertise products are often endorsed by companies and we have to be discerning about whether we should buy certain products or not. The children were excellent at suggesting various strategies you could use such as reading customer reviews, asking friends who have the product and finding out more information about what is available on the market first.
Music has centered around Indian music and the success of Bollywood. The children loved listening to this style of music and couldn’t resist having a go at the different hand movements – the peacock, scissors, flag etc.

Now we’re back into term time we would like to remind children to have the correct PE kit in school (including warmer layers for outdoor PE) and to read on a daily basis, filling in their reading journals for raffle tickets.