What a wonderful week!

Year 1 have had an amazing time, this week. The whole school have been completing projects for ‘Art Week’ and to finish that off, we had a wedding today! 

Art Week 

Each class have had to focus on a particular artist and Year 1 had Guiseppe Arcimboldo. This Italian artist created portraits, made out of fruit and vegetables. We have taken part in lots of activities, to help children create their final piece of art. They had the opportunity to use real fruit to make their own face, drew pieces of fruit and vegetables, as well as cut and stick based pieces of work. We have been so impressed by their creativity and artistic skills and wanted to share some amazing pieces with you! 


in Year One, we look at celebrations and traditions. To give children an immersive and memorable experience, we conducted a wedding ceremony. Our local vicar came into school and the children dressed up for the occasion. We explained about common traditions of not only British weddings but weddings in other cultures, as well. The children thoroughly enjoyed the morning and asked lots of great questions. 


Timed perfectly with the hot weather, we have been learning about capacity. Children have been using water trays and various size containers, to enhance their understanding of measure. This learning coincides with ‘time’, which is another unit of measure that we are learning about, which will continue into next week.