Those magnificent men in their flying machines!

This week, Year 2 embarked on a trip to the Fleet Air Arm Museum. We had a fantastic time learning about how planes work and some of the famous aeronauts that flew them. We experienced a simulated trip in a helicopter to an aircraft carrier and got to see planes taking off and landing as if we were on a real ship! We split into classes and carried out three different activities. Here are the photos from 2SM:



We all sat together for lunch and then off we went again for some more fun!

Here are the photos from 2JMe:

The children were buzzing all day about their experiences and did some writing in class on the following day.

Here are the photos from 2JMa: 

Following our trip, there has been some amazing home learning handed in and it is so great to see the childrens’ enthusiasm on this topic!

A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers who came with us on the trip. We so appreciate you giving up your time to help and without your support we would not be able to provide these opportunities. Thank you so much.