This week in Year 5… 13.5.21


In PSHCE we have been learning about online communities, scams, age limits and what you should keep private online. I have learnt that when an email pops up saying you’ve won something, do NOT click on it because it could be a bug or it could enable someone to get into your bank account. Also, if you find a game that is rated 12, 16 or 18, and you’re 12, then play games that are rated a 12. Stay safe and have fun!- Alex and Rufus 5RW


This week in RE we have been looking at chapters from the Bible, especially Luke and the story of the centurian. We are really enjoying learning about how Jesus saved people’s lives. It’s really interesting because we get to know more about how Jesus put others before himself. – Malia and Ella 5LS


In 5GT, we have been learning all about the life cycles of locusts and how they go through incomplete metamorphosis. We compared this to the complete metamorphosis of butterflies, creating our own life cycle wheels to display the changes these beautiful creatures go through in their life. Take a look at the ‘Year 5 incomplete/complete metamorphosis’ photos!