This week in Year 5!


In Maths this week we have been learning about …


Theo: This week we have been working on multiplication and we have been doing 4 digit numbers. For example, 2.804 x 5,682. Multiplication can be done in column multiplication. Multiplication is the opposite of division.

Polly: We have been learning about square numbers and cube numbers. Square numbers are numbers that you get when you times a number by itself twice, cube numbers are numbers you get when you times a number by itself three times.



In Science this week we have been learning about …


Rylan: How things dissolve in hot and cold water, like coffee, salt, oil and flour.

Jack: We put 3 spoons of salt in the pot with the water, then we had to spin it 3 times. Then we waited a couple of minutes for the salt to dissolve and you couldn’t see it. If you tasted it it would have tasted terrible because it had salt in it.

Leo:  Materials and how they disintegrate in water. Every row had a different item to put in the cold and hot water to see which dissolves. We had salt to add, in the cold water it didn’t dissolve but in the hot it did. I was surprised that salt didn’t dissolve in cold water.

Rylan: We put 3 spoons of salt in to see if it disappeared. It dissolved better in hot water than it did in cold water. I was surprised that flour went all lumpy, I thought it would have dissolved. The oil just floated on the top of the water.



In English this week we have been learning about …


This week in English, we’ve started a new topic focused on setting descriptions. We were given a range of extracts that showed good examples of what a setting description should look like. Using a table, we analysed the different texts, identifying sentences including the five senses or using figurative language (for example, similes, metaphors and personification.) We are excited to create desert settings next week!