The Enormous Turnip

As autumn begins, we have been learning about the signs to look out for over the coming weeks; there are certainly plenty of leaves on the ground to explore! Has anyone seen conkers or pine cones? We have also been learning about what happens during harvest time; supporting our investigations by reading stories this week such as: ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’.

Alongside using vegetables to look at, feel, and smell, the children have been taking part in activities such as: creating soup in the water tray; peeling and chopping vegetables to cook our own soup (which, when made, was delicious); making observational pictures of vegetables and vegetable printing. The children have been developing their muscles by pulling car-tyres along the playground, digging in the garden and playing ‘turnip’ croquet.

We have been working together as a unit this week to learn some autumn related songs. We are going to keep practicing and may even record some for you over the coming weeks.

Next week:

  • We are going to continue thinking about ‘harvest’ and ‘autumn’. Do you have apple or pear trees and have spare fruit? If so, please could they be given to your class teacher to support our chopping and painting activities.
  • Also we would like any ‘autumn finds’; such as colorful leaves, conkers or pine cones. Thank you.