Super Scientists!

We have started to broaden our horizons beyond Exwick this week, by introducing the children to the seven continents of the world. We’d love to hear more about places in the world that you and / or the children have travelled to.

In English we decided upon a different animal to bring each ingredient for our ‘It’s My Birthday’ story. Next week, we will write our own versions, based on a party we’d like to host.

In Maths, we have been continuing our work on Place Value by representing the numbers to 50 in lots of different ways and by finding one more and one less for numbers up to 50.

We have also had lots of fun in our Science sessions, designing and making hibernation stations for bears! We tested materials to see which ones were the most waterproof.

Many thanks for sending in such lovely photos of your Home Learning – we have really enjoyed sharing them all.