Sharing a Shell……or a Pod in 3JF!

We have had another fun-filled week in 3JF with some lovely sunny weather to cheer us on our way! Our book for this week was ‘Sharing a Shell’ which we have all thoroughly enjoyed! We loved writing about the toys we would definitely not like to share with others (!) and had great fun acting out the story, hiding under our tables during the storm. This really helped us to learn and remember the story and we had a go at writing sentences about it on Friday morning. Super effort from all children – well done! In maths we have been learning about time! We can recite the days of the week and the months of the year and had great fun making our own clocks. We are all confident now at telling the time using o clock and half past and had a great time playing o clock bingo! Our craft adventures this week have included making stained-glass oceans and painting big pictures to go on display alongside our ocean-creature poems from last week. We have also enjoyed keeping fit with Go Noodle every day and have been working hard on our reading. Great job Pod 3JF! Home learners, remember to keep sending in your work to the home learning address. We really love to hear from you and learn about what you have been up to.