We have continued our wild animal theme for another week having moved from the Jungle to the Savannah this week. The children have continued to enjoy a range of stories and explore all things Savannah. We have learnt all about the animals that are found in the Savannah as well as many other interesting facts. The children particularly enjoyed the story ‘Giraffes can’t Dance’ in which Gerald the giraffe found out that he could dance, he just needed a different song!

It has been yet another busy week for the Foundation children who were all extremely excited on our first transition day when they found out their new teachers and classes for September. The children had a lovely time with their Year 1 teachers and are looking forward to more transition days next week. These will be Monday 8th July and Thursday 11th July. Also next week there will be a ‘meet the teacher’ evening on Thursday 11th July from 3:30pm. Parents and their children are invited to drop into their new classroom and have the chance to chat to their new teacher.

Our signs this week have been; giraffe, elephant and lion.


We would be grateful to receive more reclaimed materials: cardboard boxes, kitchen roll tubes, clean pots and containers that have ‘nut-free’ contents.


We are very short of spare socks. Do you have any you could donate? If so we would be very grateful for them!

Thank you.