Pod 3JF join the Commotion in the Ocean!

We’ve had another really lovely week in Pod 3JF, even though the weather hasn’t always been particularly kind to us! We have loved learning about money and going ‘shopping’ every day with our virtual coins and were very keen to talk about the times we have held an actual £5 or even £10 note! In English, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and have written our own sea-creature poems. Next week’s job will be to finish decorating our carefully-copied out versions and to paint our own matching sea creatures to go with them. We have also been learning about the seaside and have enjoyed more sea-related craft activities. I hope you like our beautiful clay sequin fish! Have a lovely weekend – hopefully this rain will stop soon. Next week is meant to be very hot, so please ensure your child has a hat with them and has had sun cream applied before school so that we can spend as much time as possible outdoors (in the shade where necessary!). Many thanks – Mrs M, Mrs G and Mrs B