Parachuting power!

Year 5 have continued their scientific journey this week, exploring the impact of air resistance on parachutes. In small groups, a variety of parachutes were designed, with a focus on considering the independent and dependent variables ensuring a fair test. There were many gasps and surprised expressions at the timed results at the bottom of the balcony! 

Year 5 have been immersed in their new topic of the Middle East. Each class has embraced this fascinating subject, going beyond the learning in their very detailed Topic book to investigate this period of history in more detail. In 5GT, the children split themselves into Sunnis and Shias, battling over Muhammad’s teachings. In 5RW, factors about the success of the Ottoman Empire were ordered from most to least important. In 5LS, video and written research was explored, looking at the development of the Arab-Islamic Empire. Ask your child all about the Middle East- we are sure they’ll be full of knowledge!

Well done to Year 5 for being so determined to succeed during this week’s TTRockstars Rock Out competition. All three Year 5 classes have attained the most points in the school during this week, as well as in the top 20% of schools nationwide! Special congratulations to Erica, Harry S, Lucas, Marco, Jonathan, Theo, Alex A and Harry P who are all in the Top 10 individual scores in the school.  You have until tomorrow at 19.30 to support our school! 

Finally, next Thursday, Devon and Cornwall Fire Service will be coming in for a fire safety conference with the children- you might want to think of some questions to ask the firefighters over the weekend!

Have a great weekend!