Fabulous Year 5!

We are having such a wonderful time in Year 5 this half term! It was a joy to gather together and discuss all our successes  so far this year and our individual and collective targets going forward. The children were unsurprisingly thoughtful and mature about their next steps, including ensuring that homework and reading diaries are completed  to a high standard, as well as helping others to learn effectively by making sensible learning choices and avoiding distractions. Well done, Year 5!

5LS and 5RW had a great time completing their Space food mission, creating delicious falafel pieces that were mouth-wateringly stupendous! Mrs Wang was devastated to miss out on these tasty morsels! Perhaps you might make some more at home for you (and Mrs Wang?) to try?

Finally, we’ll be taking part in the TTRockstars Rock Out Week next week. Our school will be competing with others around the country to win a grand prize, so next week, make sure you get in as much TTRockstars time as you can!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Year 2

A huge well done to all the children who have come in on their own this week! We have been so impressed with their independent, more mature attitude. Thank you parents.

This week we have been thinking about what humans and animals need to survive. Next week we will be thinking about why exercise and hygiene are really important. The children will be designing their own PE session. 

Next week in PSHE, we will be talking about anti-bullying. We will also be marking Children in Need with a non-uniform day on Friday.

As the weather is getting much colder, it is important for the children to have suitable outdoor PE kits, e.g, jogging bottoms and a jumper to keep them warm.



Fireworks, friendship and forgiveness

This week in year one we have been exploring fireworks, friendship and forgiveness.

In RE (respect everyone/ religious education) we have been exploring the parable of ” the prodigal son”. We learnt that although everyone makes mistakes it is how we learn from these mistakes and forgive that is important. Each class started a forgiveness book which the children can use to help with friendships and emotional development. 

In science, we have been continuing to classify evergreen and deciduous trees. As part of this we went on a nature walk. The children confidently talked about the different properties of evergreen and deciduous trees. 

This week was Mrs Worthington’s classes turn for balance bike ability. It was fantastic to see all of the children improving their balance and focus. Thank you to Graham and colleagues for supporting the year 1 children over the last three weeks. 

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our early reading and phonics workshop. It was great to see so many parents from all three classes. If you were unable to attend the workshop but have any questions please feel free to ask any of the year 1 teachers for advice/resources. 

Year 6 – 8/11/2019

This week has been a fabulous week, we practised our remembrance assembly. On Tuesday, 28 pupils were excited to attend a tag rugby and netball tournament at West Exe High School. With excellent team work and skill, the tag rugby team came 2nd and 5th out of 12 teams. In netball we came 6th. We all enjoyed it very much. Those who remained at school sketched some poppies which we are really proud of.

We have also started scale factor in maths and are ready to learn our new topic of Algebra next week. On Friday, we performed our remembrance assembly to the year 5s. We are looking forward to Monday when we are performing to the parents!



Shapes and Shelters!

We have had a busy week in Year 3!

This week, we have enjoyed designing and starting to build our Stone Age shelters. We researched and designed different types of structures, including teepees, A-frames and roundhouses, before deciding on a final design.

Here we are enjoying the challenge of creating our shelter prototypes. We had to work together and think carefully about how we can join materials – only using string!


Some of us have begun to build our final shelter. We have used bubble wrap to ensure our shelter will be water tight. Next, we will be covering them with natural materials, so our shelter can be camouflaged in the woods. Take a look at them so far!

We have enjoyed building on our knowledge of shapes in Maths this week. We have been identifying different types of angles (right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles). We have also learned how to identify horizontal, vertical, parallel, diagonal and perpendicular lines.

We looked at the work of artists Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky, who used different shapes and lines to create their artwork. Inspired by their pieces, we created our own artwork!


Don’t forget to collect natural materials this weekend to build or add to your shelter next week.

Remember to fill in your reading journals over the weekend and to bring them in on Monday – we love to see what you’re reading!

Have a happy weekend!