Hooray for home learning!

It’s been another busy week in Year 3! We have been so impressed by all the effort put into the range of colourful and unique home-made clocks created and now on display in our corridor. The children have made so much progress with this tricky topic and we’ve been amazed at the speed the children can covert from minutes to seconds as well as tell the time to the nearest minute on an analogue clock. Keep practicing at home! 

We’ve started to notice lots more of the children completing a range of homework activities around our learning in class. We love going through all the pictures you send through to our homework email, so keep them coming!

The children are really enjoying our Science topic on light and shadows. This week, we have looked at identifying whether materials are transparent, translucent or opaque using LED torches in the darkened classroom. 3RH managed to investigate over 20 different materials and were surprised by some of their findings! What materials can you classify at home?

Monsters, Beasts and Dragons

Monsters, Beasts and Dragons!

This week in the Foundation Stage our theme has been monsters, beasts and dragons which the children have been engrossed in. They really have adored some new stories and we have seen some fantastic learning going on as a result.

To link to our story ‘Bears don’t eat egg sandwiches’ the children have had a choice of egg or cheese sandwiches which has been well received. Our dough area has been taken over by monsters and the playdough ended up brightly coloured which the children have enjoyed manipulating and showing their fine motor skills.

As the weather has been particularly windy this week the children have been making kites using different shaped card, raffia and hole punches. This was a popular activity and we have seen some wonderful kites being made.

Our theme during mathematics has been ‘patterns’ and the children have been able to show their ability to continue, create and recreate a whole host of different patterns using a range of resources and colours.

Some children have chosen to write about beasts and some decided to tell us their favourite foods, as the ‘Ravenous Beast’ from one of our stories ate almost everything!

Finally, during our P.E sessions this week we have learned and experimented with numerous different ways of moving and negotiating space, the children had a marvellous time when doing so.

Our signs this week have been; hungry, sandwich.



Family Art Workshop

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Art Workshop this week. The group got to experiment with different mark making  and printing techniques and got a bit messy too!

It was lovely to see the children really focused on their tasks and enjoying working with their adult to create a string of summer bunting. The end results were really striking so fingers crossed for some nice weather so they can be hung outside.