Year 5 handball heroes!

On Tuesday the 4th February, Year 5 attended a handball tournament at West at school. When we arrived we got into our groups ready to go and play and we did some running to warm up. My first game was so good! My team won! – Annie 5RW

We were put into teams and I was in Italy. We first played other teams from Exwick Heights, Bowhill and Alphington. Then we were told the play-offs (I was in the third place play-off). –
Elias 5RW

After we had played our first matches we came into the hall for a drink and snack. I think we all enjoyed it. We all had the best fun although we were very tired! – Grace 5LS 

We played matches against different teams. I was in Portugal and we came second overall. I got a certificate and Poland won out of all the schools. – Martha 5RW

At West Exe today I participated in the sports festival. It was really fun as we ran up and down the pitch, won some games and lost some, but the best part was I scored. – Louie 5RW

I enjoyed it all. I did not win or score but I still liked it. Also I liked it because we got mixed up so we were playing with people across Year 5. – Joe 5RW

I was amazed at how all the teams played. They were really good. There were lots of people there including high school students from West Exe being the referees. I also think it went really well and the other schools and teams were excellent in all their games. I really enjoyed this tournament! – Jonathan and Marco 5RW

Exwick Heights came second since we played very well. We were all in different teams yet we still cheered each other on. We were very proud of ourselves and the teacher for teaching us handball. – Lilia 5LS


Shark and in the Park

This week we have been making telescopes and finding what can be seen ‘above us’ and ‘below’, and ‘all-around’, after being inspired by the stories from Nick Sharratt: ‘Shark in the Park’ and ‘Shark in the Park on a Windy Day’.  Have you spotted the sharks on the playground too? It has been amazing the sorts of things that can be spotted from our school: rockets, dinosaurs and whales!

There has been lots of shape work during Mathematics this week, including printing, cutting out shapes to create pictures and making different shape pizzas for snack; as always these were very popular!

We also have been learning how to make our vocabulary grow by using different words for ‘see’. We have used: spot, observe, notice, recognise and behold.

Super art and super sentences!

This week in year 3 we have been using water colours to create our own Cherry Blossom Art. This was linked to our topic on China, as the cherry blossom tree appears in a lot of Chinese art.

In English we have been working on building super sentences. These include expanded noun phrases ( adjectives) and fronted adverbials. The children built sentences together and then had a look at their writing to see which sentences worked the best.