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This week we have been learning about adding and subtracting decimals. For example 8.3 + 0.07 = 8.37 and 8.9 – 0.47 = 8.53. Also, we have been doing multistep problems and word problems. – Jack and Alicia 5LS


In English we’ve been planning comedy narratives and learning what a comedy narrative is. I enjoyed writing my narrative because it’s fun to read and come up with silly ideas! We’ve used different features like speech in our stories. We used speech to move the story along and to add that extra bit of detail. – Alfie 5RW

This week we have been learning about comedy narratives as well as writing our own. Every day we would look at the tone, text, audience and purpose. For comedy narratives, we found out about the purpose of speech, which can be to let you know what a character’s personality is and to make the writing flow. – Vanessa 5RW 

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Year 4 Blog 6th May 2021

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Hello everyone.

It feels great to be back into the swing of a more normal school routine after the last few months.

We have been really busy since we returned after the Easter break. In Maths we have completed our our work on decimals number and are already half way through our next unit on money! We are also looking at brushing up on our times tables skills in preparation for the practice National times tables assessment later this term.

Poetry has been our focus in English and in particular we have looking at the journey made by a river as it travels from its source to the sea. The children have been writing their own poems using the literary techniques and devices that we explored in the lessons. Our next set of lessons will be looking at biographical writing.

In our Science we are exploring animals and their habitats. We will also be learning about the methods used by scientist to classify living things. Hot on the heals of the Anglo-Saxons, our new topic focus is the Vikings and we are hoping to link this with both our English and D.T. work.

Our music lessons are a little quieter this term. Following on from the noise and excitement of drumming  we are now delving into the world of composing and orchestral music. Christianity and the formation of the early Christian church is our R.E. topic. 

And if all this wasn’t enough we are learning about both Basket Ball and Athletics in P.E! 

So as you can see there is plenty to look forward to over the coming weeks.

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Arrays and pets

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It has been a busy Maths week in year 1 as we have started learning about multiplication. We have practiced our repeated addition and grown in confidence counting forwards in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We also started to use arrays to support our multiplication. We had to interpret these as well as draw our own.

It has been the final week of “I love pets!”. All of the children have been busy challenging themselves by writing their own I love pets text. They had to choose different pets and then describe them. There have been a wide variety from fanged snakes to bouncy rabbits. 

In PE, we have been working hard on teamwork and control when running relays. 

Many of the children have moved book bands and it has been great to see enthusiasm growing for reading.

Thank you to all of the families that are accessing Bug Club or reading books at home with their children. 

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FS – The Ravenous Beast

The Ravenous Beast

Our story this week is called ‘The Ravenous Beast’ by Niamh Sharkey. This story is all about different animals who talk about what they like to eat. However, no one is as hungry as the ravenous beast who ends up eating everyone!

The children have been creative chameleons by making their own beasts and monsters using different coloured paper, rulers, scissors and glue. Luckily, the beasts did not decide to eat us all. In Reception, we have also been drawing our own monsters and then thinking up different describing words for them.

Next week we will be reading the well-known favourite story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The home learning and a version of the story can be found attached to this post.

We have learnt the signs: ‘hungry’ and ‘eat’. In addition, linking with our narrative work, we have learnt the sign for ‘what happened next’ and have made predictions as to what will happen next during our story times.

To help develop our vocabulary we also learnt different words for ‘hungry’. These are ‘ravenous’, ‘starving’ and ‘famished’.


Message for Reception:

The children will continue to have access to Bug Club to support their reading development at home. If there are any issues accessing Bug Club, then please let the class teacher know.

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Patterns, pots and parthenons!

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Year 3 are really enjoying the history topic on the Ancient Greeks.  This fascinating era really seems to have captured the children’s interest. As well as super learning in school, the children have been continuing their research at home. Here are some super examples of their fine efforts! Can you spot Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer having a debate in true democratic style!!

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Year 5- Bonus Box Request!

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Thank you to everyone who has already brought in their shoebox sized box into school for our upcoming Biomes project. If you have any additional shoebox sized boxes please bring these in too, so we have enough for everyone to have one each. We will be starting the project in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you!

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