A very furry, messy couple of weeks!

The children have been having so much fun. Last Friday, they all dressed up for Furry Friday and it was great to see the variety of costumes and cuddly friends coming into school! The children spent the morning with their furry friends, taking part in lots of different sporting activities on the field and generally enjoying the beautiful weather.

This week, it has been Art Week and Year 2 were given the country of England to represent. We chose to look at Banksy and graffiti art. The children had fun looking at the shadow and light in their faces and drawing their portraits, Banksy style. When they had completed that, they were able to have a go at designing their very own Tag to put on their artwork. They then had a go at using self-made stencils to create their own piece of art.

Some children got to go out to the playground and draw their Tags with chalk!

The last two weeks of term will be very busy and the children will need their PE kits in school please, so that they can take part in all the activities we have planned!

Please can any outstanding library books be returned to your class teacher as soon as possible. Thank you.

Have a great weekend!


This week was art week.  The children have enjoyed leaarning about art and artists from around the world with a special focus upon France. They did 3 sessions on Matisse, Seurat and Monet.  We explored drawing, painting and collage skills and we can now name many more famous artists.

We also found time to do some practical maths in the sunshine. We estimated and measured the capacity of different containers and quite enjoyed any splashes which cooled us down!


Finally, in DT we have been designing and making our own moving shadow puppets and have been performing our own plays.


What a wonderful week!

Year 1 have had an amazing time, this week. The whole school have been completing projects for ‘Art Week’ and to finish that off, we had a wedding today! 

Art Week 

Each class have had to focus on a particular artist and Year 1 had Guiseppe Arcimboldo. This Italian artist created portraits, made out of fruit and vegetables. We have taken part in lots of activities, to help children create their final piece of art. They had the opportunity to use real fruit to make their own face, drew pieces of fruit and vegetables, as well as cut and stick based pieces of work. We have been so impressed by their creativity and artistic skills and wanted to share some amazing pieces with you! 


in Year One, we look at celebrations and traditions. To give children an immersive and memorable experience, we conducted a wedding ceremony. Our local vicar came into school and the children dressed up for the occasion. We explained about common traditions of not only British weddings but weddings in other cultures, as well. The children thoroughly enjoyed the morning and asked lots of great questions. 


Timed perfectly with the hot weather, we have been learning about capacity. Children have been using water trays and various size containers, to enhance their understanding of measure. This learning coincides with ‘time’, which is another unit of measure that we are learning about, which will continue into next week. 



We have continued our wild animal theme for another week having moved from the Jungle to the Savannah this week. The children have continued to enjoy a range of stories and explore all things Savannah. We have learnt all about the animals that are found in the Savannah as well as many other interesting facts. The children particularly enjoyed the story ‘Giraffes can’t Dance’ in which Gerald the giraffe found out that he could dance, he just needed a different song!

It has been yet another busy week for the Foundation children who were all extremely excited on our first transition day when they found out their new teachers and classes for September. The children had a lovely time with their Year 1 teachers and are looking forward to more transition days next week. These will be Monday 8th July and Thursday 11th July. Also next week there will be a ‘meet the teacher’ evening on Thursday 11th July from 3:30pm. Parents and their children are invited to drop into their new classroom and have the chance to chat to their new teacher.

Our signs this week have been; giraffe, elephant and lion.


We would be grateful to receive more reclaimed materials: cardboard boxes, kitchen roll tubes, clean pots and containers that have ‘nut-free’ contents.


We are very short of spare socks. Do you have any you could donate? If so we would be very grateful for them!

Thank you.


Grenville House Day 4!

“I am at Grenville and today I went raft building, we had to wear a wetsuit (they were really tight). After that we had to go to a storage room and get a helmet and a life jacket. Then we had to build the raft. We learnt to do two types of ties. The first one was a square knot and a reef knot. We had to sit on gigantic plastic bottles.” -Robbie

We woke to exceptional weather and everyone couldn’t wait to get to their activities. The ‘Rafters’ had great fun in the marina, the kayakers played ‘stuck in the mud’ and ‘swimmer rescue’, the shoppers checked out almost every shop in Brixham and the climbers met new heights on the high rope course – all under the most beautiful sunny skies! 

After an amazing evening meal of sweet and sour chicken or chicken korma we headed to the harbour for an hour or so of crabbing.  Great fun was had and we caught a grand total of four crabs which we entered for the famous crab race! Later we went onto Breakwater beach where we played throwing games and learnt to skim stones. It was a great end to the most amazing day. 


Grenville House Day 3!

“Today when we arrived we found ourselves in the lounge of Grenville House. We were organised into dorms. After a few minutes we had a tour and we had lunch. After that we got into our swimming stuff like wetsuit, helmets and our life jackets and brang them to the slipway for kayaking” – George

Today was switch-over day, we said goodbye to half our group and welcomed the rest. We did some more raft building and kayaking today, some of us even had a visit from a big friendly seal! The instructors challenged us to some tricky moves on the kayaks and the rafts, there were some amazing skills on show (and plenty of us ended up in the sea!).

There were some very interesting sandwich choices this morning, including cheese and jam! We were assured it was delicious though.

Other groups headed into town for an explore of the quayside and the high street, as well as some huge boats moored up in the harbour, which looked like they were full of pirates.

 This evening we returned to the Berry Head hotel for the second group to do some swimming in their lovely, posh pool. We saw yet more seals and an amazing sunset. There was some competitive boules and other games and we all tired ourselves out having fun on the hotel lawn!

Finally we headed back for hot chocolate and to get ready for bed. We need plenty of sleep in time for tomorrow’s full day of fun!