Year 5’s Star of the Week

A big to Layla Bamsey in 5GT for this week’s home learning Star of the Week! Again, it was a very tough choice! We have seen some wonderful maths, fantastic written pieces in English as well as art work, DT and fun outdoor activities! Layla has worked really hard on the online classroom and deserves to win this week for her ongoing efforts and staying motivated!

Have a great weekend!

The Year 5 team

Pod 2JMe

Another busy time for us! Last week, we looked at the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and learned about how to be a good friend and that it is important to share.

We have also been exploring 3-D shapes in maths – discovering which ones stack and which ones roll. The children had great fun building towers and rolling spheres and cylinders around their tables!

We started this week with a bit of science – we created our own lava lamps and watching the bubbles rise up was good for our mindfulness – helping us focus on the present. The children really enjoyed this!


Year 5’s Star of the Week

A huge to Natalia in 5LS for this week’s home learning star award. There were so many of you to choose from but Natalia has shown consistent hard work over the last few months, completing the online lessons and giving 100% so a very worthy winner.

Keep up the good work!

The Year 5 team

Working hard in Pod 2SM

We’ve had another busy week in our pod. The children have loved hearing the story of the rainbow fish and we’ve been thinking about ways we can show kindness like the rainbow fish did in the story. The children have made some beautiful rainbow fish of their own too.

We’ve been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and patterns and the children have enjoyed using the chrome books to test their knowledge of shape. They have also been using Teach your Monster as well as Espresso for phonics.

Shape and safety in the home

It has been another great week in 2JMa. 

We have been learning about the properties of 3D and 2D shapes. We went on a shape hunt around the year 2 playground and discovered that the most common shapes were circles and cuboids. It was challenging making 3D nets of cones and cubes but we were happy with the results. The children worked hard to use different spelling strategies to learn how to spell the names of 2D and 3D shapes. 

This week has been national kindness week. All week we have been busy filling up our kindness buckets. We earn a kindness note by being nominated by our friends. The adults have been really impressed by the kindness of all of the children. We have looked at the book “The rainbow fish” and thought about what makes a kind friend. 

In PSHE we have been learning all about how to keep safe at home. The children have asked lots of fantastic questions. We enjoyed spotting all the dangers that might occur in homes and felt grateful that our homes are much safer! 

Rainbow Fish and 3D shape in 3JF!

We have had another super week in Pod 3JF! Our text has been The Rainbow Fish – such a lovely book! We have talked about what it means to be thoughtful to others and how we can make sure that we are being a good friend. We have made Mrs Mabin very proud by producing some super writing, coming up with similes to describe the colours of the Rainbow Fish. Her scales are ‘pink like sweet, juicy strawberries’, ‘blue like the wavy ocean’, ‘green as the grass’ and ‘blue as delicious bubblegum ice-cream’. Fantastic Pod 3JF! We thoroughly enjoyed using bubble wrap to print our own Rainbow Fish and next week will turn them into 3D mobiles. We also finished painting our sea creatures to make our ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ Display. In Maths we have been learning all about shape and enjoyed some very competitive, hard-fought games of 3D Shape Bingo! We also loved making some 2D shape monsters. Well done children.