Not-So-Disgusting Sandwiches!

We have had a fantastic time this week designing and making our sandwiches! On Monday, the children tried different types of bread, including pitta, wrap, white, brown and rye. On Tuesday, they sampled spreads – Vitalife ‘Dairy Free’ was a real winner in one JM!! Several other children also enjoyed mayonnaise and real butter. Wednesday was a day for talking about fillings and designing our sandwiches and on Thursday we got to make AND eat them! There were lots of tasty fillings, such as cheese and ham, tuna and sweetcorn and lettuce and tomato…. and a few more unusual combinations such as chocolate spread with mayo and cucumber! The children had a wonderful time spreading and cutting their sandwiches and we were able to eat them out on the field in the glorious Autumn sunshine.

Many thanks¬†to those of you who were able to ¬†come and watch our ‘Celebration of Harvest’ – the children sang beautifully and those with lines spoke so confidently. We were really proud of them. Enjoy singing the songs again with your children over the holidays!

Happy half term and well done to all the children (and parents) for a fabulous half term.