Nick Sharratt Week 2

Shark in the Park and Fancy Dress Jungle

This week we have continued to read stories by the author Nick Sharratt and the children have had a wonderful time exploring his books. Our role play area has been turned into a ‘fancy dress party’ with a wide range of dressing up clothes, party music and even a stage. As well as dressing up for the fancy dress party, the children have made their own props and dressing up attire including hats, masks and different clothes using paper, tape and other recyclable materials.

We have also been on the lookout for sharks this week as we loved ‘Shark in the Park’. We made and decorated our own telescopes like the one Timothy Pope used in the story. In relation to the story the children have also enjoyed making shark collages, a small world park area using different characters and construction materials, and they have been drawing/writing about things they might find in a park. Outside and in the hall we have been very physical and used some things that we might find in a park including our basketball hoops, the climbing apparatus and a range of other small equipment, it has been a very exciting couple of weeks!

Communication in Print

Each week the children will be learning ‘Communication in Print’ signs related to our theme and story. Your child will see the pictures on the class wall and will practise the action associated with it every day.

This week we have learnt: shark, lion, help and monkey.