New Year fun in year 1

We have had a fantastic start to the spring term. The children have come back with lots of energy and enthusiasm. 

We discussed our new years resolutions and each class created a display of resolution balloons. Each child thought about one resolution for school and one for home. Ask your children what what they are hoping to achieve in 2020!

We started a brand new topic in science. This term we will be sorting and classifying materials. The children have been busy naming objects and thinking about the materials they are made from. Some children showed their investigation skills by asking questions about where different materials come from. Their teachers were very impressed. 

As part of our new RE topic we began to look at Judaism. We discovered some objects that are precious to the Jewish community and thought about which objects are precious to us and why. Next week the children will be bringing in some of their precious objects and discussing why they are important to them. 

A great start to our spring term.