This week we have been exploring all creatures small. Some of us have used magnifying glasses trying to find them in the discovery garden or watching to see if we have any guests in our ‘bug hotel’. The children have been fascinated by the number of worms, woodlice and other creatures that have been sharing our play space.

Through songs, stories and information books we have been looking at the life cycle of a butterfly. In cooking this week, we have been tasting a range of fruits (just like the Hungry Caterpillar!). We have also been finding out about healthy and not so healthy foods, talking about what might happen to our bodies if we eat too much chocolate and sweets.

We have been exploring how to make our vocabulary grow and have learnt three new words for ‘beautiful’. These are: pretty, stunning and gorgeous. We have also learnt the signs for the words caterpillar and butterfly this week.

Lastly the children had their first sports day practice on the field and they all did a marvellous job!


  • Please could you bring in any reclaimed materials – clean containers, boxes etc.
  • Also, we would really appreciate any clean jam jar lids to be brought in for us to make musical instruments. Thank you.