Lost and Found

Lost and Found

This week we have read the story ‘Lost and Found’, the children have enjoyed writing their own short stories, painting pictures using water colours, exploring the properties of ice and building boats to go on exciting journeys around the world.

To support our work on ice, the children made fruity- ice cubes. They enjoyed chopping grapes into tiny pieces and pipetting apple juice into the ice-cube trays.

We have continued learning about both 2D and 3D shapes during Mathematics this week, including building 3D shapes, sorting shapes by their properties and playing ‘Odd one out’ shape games.

We also have been learning how to make our vocabulary grow by using different words for ‘found’. We have used: discovered, noticed, stumbled upon and encountered.

We hope you all have a restful half term and fingers crossed we have a few sunny days to enjoy!


  • We would like any clean recyclable materials (e.g. cereal boxes, clean pots and kitchen rolls). Please could you bring them into school for the children to make models with. Thank you.