Lights, Camera, Action!!!!

Year 4’s Paddington Assembly on British Values

I have really enjoyed our Year 4 Assembly featuring Paddington and the British Values. The songs we sung were Revolution, I fought the Law, Freedom, Respect and Let’s Get Together, each time we practiced, we got better and better. We were told that our assembly was great and everybody learnt their lines and knew when they had to be on stage. The narrators were given headpieces and microphones and everyone was outstanding. I was especially excited because the assembly was on my birthday!

Flint and Billy

I have loved bhangra dancing in our Year 4 Assembly. The dances we learnt all had names such as the Punjab, Bedi and Dhamal. It felt scary to stand up and dance in front of lots of people but it was brilliant. I was told that I a very good dancer and I was on the front row!


I have really enjoyed our Year 4 Assembly because of the singing, I really like the new songs especially Let’s Get Together. As well as singing, I enjoyed dancing a special dance called bhangra. My favourite part is where you turn both ways and sprinkle your hands around your head. We were very good at it.


Sport Relief

This week has been sport relief and lots of people dressed up as footballers. I was a dancer and I wore black long sleeved –shirt with an army denim skirt. We have enjoyed year group races today and everybody was so fast. At the end we had girls versus boy’s race and the girls won. That’s because the boys continued to talk! I am looking forward to watching the Sport Relief show on tv tonight which explains the importance of having a Sport Relief day to raise money for charities.