Life in 1950 and an Autumn Walk in 2019!….

On Tuesday this week Mrs Mabin’s Mum, Mrs Holland, came into visit us as part of our History topic; we have been learning about ‘Changes in Living Memory’. She was born in 1946…..  a LONG time after dinosaurs roamed the earth but many years before we were born or our school building was opened. Mrs Holland showed us lots of black and white photographs and brought with her some of the toys she used to play with. They didn’t have many in those days….. a couple of dolls and some lovely jungle animals made from lead. We were shocked to find out that they didn’t have a freezer or a washing machine and that there were no supermarkets! A few lucky people in the early 1950s owned a TV but the picture was in black and white and there was only one channel to watch – it’s very hard to imagine now-a-days!

In other news, the children have all worked extremely hard this week writing their version of “I Love Pets”, based on the “I Love Bugs” book. In Maths we have been learning how to use the correct mathematical symbols for ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’. The children have really enjoyed this and are now turning into experts!

To round off our hard-working week, we went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds on Thursday afternoon. Lots of leaves and twigs were collected and we all loved looking out for different trees as they begin to change colour. Glorious!

Enjoy your weekend. Please could we ask for our £3 cooking donation to be handed in next week.

Many thanks – The Year 1 Team