In the jungle

In the Jungle

Although it has been a very busy week we have still had time to explore ‘the jungle’; discovering what the climate is like and the wildlife there. We used the poetry book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and discovered that some of the animals mentioned do not live in the jungle!

The reception children have created ‘Guess what I am’ booklets, where they wrote several clues and then you lift the flap to reveal the jungle creature. Perhaps you could ask your child to tell you the about their chosen animal for you to have a guess!

We have been exploring how to make our vocabulary grow and have learnt three new words for ‘scary’: These are frightening, terrifying and fearsome.

Our signs this week have been; snake, elephant and monkey.

Class caterpillar update:

All the classes returned from the long weekend to find butterflies in their nets. Everybody was surprised as the caterpillars had only been in their chrysalis for one week rather than the predicted two.

By Friday all our caterpillars had turned into beautiful orange and black butterflies!

Sports day

Didn’t the children all do well? We expect that you were as proud of them as we were; what great team spirit and enthusiasm was shown! We were also very pleased that the weather was kind to us; it was a great day for both the Nursery and the Reception classes. Thank you for coming to support us.

Also a ‘big’ thank you to all the adults that came to help!


We would be grateful to receive more reclaimed materials: cardboard boxes, kitchen roll tubes, clean pots and containers that have ‘nut-free’ contents.


We are very short of spare socks. Do you have any you could donate? If so we would be very grateful for them!

Thank you.