Hogwarts arrives at Exwick!

Welcome to Exwick Heights School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, one of the finest magical institutions in Devon! Today marks the first day of the Year 6 Triwizard Tournament! Over the course of the week, each house will compete in a series of challenges to win the Exwick Heights Trophy.

All pupils were sorted into magical houses. Groans and cheers echoed round the room as pupils learnt their fate. Once the process was complete, each house was assigned a Head of House: Professor Prosser (Gryffindor), Madame Baxter (Hufflepuff), Professor Glanville (Ravenclaw) and Professor Oakley (Slytherin).

This afternoon we played friendly games of Capture the Flag in the warm weather. After an early lead from Ravenclaw house, they finished as the champions of the day. Points were also awarded for teamwork and bravery.

Tomorrow the year group will face Quidditch, dodgeball and football. They will also be sent on a hunt to find Harry Potter characters: Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Who will be crowned champions?