Hello from the Year 5 Bloggers.


This week we have been looking at the inverse and how to use rounding to estimate and approximate. We have also explored addition and subtraction. We found out that, if you are checking addition calculations using the inverse (subtraction) can be useful. You can do the same but the other way round if you are checking subtraction calculations. A useful top tip!

By William and Jasper 5LS


We learnt about the phases of the moon and their different names. We also found out that there are waxing and waning crescents, depending on where the moon is. 

By Ella 5RW

We learnt about the full moon, which was my favourite one. This week, we also carried out a shadow experiment, where we observed the shadow of a post every hour to see if it got bigger or smaller. We are going to write up our results next lesson.

By Amy 5RW

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We’ve just finished our suspense writing narratives. We watched the video to ‘Titanium’ by David Guetta to help us practice skill like show, not tell and varying sentence types. Then, we watched the video to ‘Pompeii’ by Bastille to inspire our own writing and let us have a go at creating suspense! We really liked this unit because we’ve been able to create stories in a way we’ve never done before.