Happy New 2020!

As the new year begins, so too does our busy and exciting Year 4 curriculum.  Your children have arrived back after the holidays, raring to go and have enthusiastically began new areas of study. Our blogging team this week are Larna, Daniel, Harry and Ella.


Daniel and Larna really enjoyed the start of a new science topic on sound. To being everyone has an elicitation, this means you have a few questions to answer regarding what you know about sound. To begin our lessons, we went around our school on a sound walk. It was really interesting and everyone had fun. We walked outside to the PE hut, across to the Early Years building and the sensory garden then to the nursery, the hall, a Year 6 class and finally the library. The sound walk was to listen to the different sounds and see which was the noisiest. The PE hut was the noisiest and the hall was the quietest. It was a really fun activity and the most two fun places we visited were the sensory garden and Mr Prosser’s classroom. I especially liked the sensory garden because we haven’t been there since we were in reception. We are looking forward to the new science topic.

Larna and Daniel 4CS


In topic we have been learning about the Anglo Saxons. We have been researching some amazing facts about what they wore, ate, drank ad how they made houses and furniture. We are hoping to visit Escot sometime this term to take part in an Anglo Saxon day.

Harry 4WW


In art we have been drawing pictures of our homes and tried to draw in 3D – it was quite tricky. We tried to include details of the houses and also included the local area around it e.g. trees and landscapes.

Harry 4WW


In RE we are learning about famous Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The Hindus believe in one God but has many different parts of the God – Hindu people may pray to one particular God for example, God or knowledge if they need help with their school work. We watched a film clip on the daily life of a Hindu girl and boy. It was really interesting and showed us lots of exciting festivals that they took part in.

Ella 4WW