Grenville House Day 4!

“I am at Grenville and today I went raft building, we had to wear a wetsuit (they were really tight). After that we had to go to a storage room and get a helmet and a life jacket. Then we had to build the raft. We learnt to do two types of ties. The first one was a square knot and a reef knot. We had to sit on gigantic plastic bottles.” -Robbie

We woke to exceptional weather and everyone couldn’t wait to get to their activities. The ‘Rafters’ had great fun in the marina, the kayakers played ‘stuck in the mud’ and ‘swimmer rescue’, the shoppers checked out almost every shop in Brixham and the climbers met new heights on the high rope course – all under the most beautiful sunny skies! 

After an amazing evening meal of sweet and sour chicken or chicken korma we headed to the harbour for an hour or so of crabbing.  Great fun was had and we caught a grand total of four crabs which we entered for the famous crab race! Later we went onto Breakwater beach where we played throwing games and learnt to skim stones. It was a great end to the most amazing day.