Get ready for the performance of a lifetime!

The West End. Broadway. Plymouth Pavillions. None of these esteemed venues can hold a candle to the stunning performance due at Exwick Heights on Friday 11th October!  Rehearsals have been such a delight- it has been a joy to see the children so engaged and enthralled throughout (as well as witnessing some seriously impressive dance moves from Mrs. Wang and Mrs. Lloyd-Seetim!) 

It’s been clear to see that the teamwork required for such a wondrous production has transferred into the classroom; in our Jigsaw lessons, the children collaborated brilliantly to create their own games using some….interesting objects from around the classroom!  

In Music, 5RW have been exploring a variety of instruments and made decisions as to what colour they thought the instrument’s sound corresponded with! The children did a great job articulating and justifying their decisions to the rest of the class.

In Science, we are all loving our Earth and Space topic. The quality of discussion and work produced is fantastic- generated through online and referenced research, sublime home learning and excellent teaching, of course! This week, we have either been researching a planet of our choice or looking in greater depth at our solar system.

And lastly, a big thank you to all parents for their support with home learning and reading to/with your children. We can see what a huge impact it’s having on the children’s attitude to learning and the skills they are gaining. We can’t wait to see more fabulous examples of homework in the weeks to come! 

Have a great weekend, Year 5- this time next week, your acting prowess will be famous throughout the school (and the land!)