FS – The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs

Our story this week is called ‘The Three Little Pigs’. This well-known story is about a wolf who tries to blow down the houses of three little pigs. One house was made of straw, one of sticks and the last one was made of bricks. The children enjoyed listening to different versions of the story and comparing how they are similar and where they differ.

The children have liked making their own houses out of straw and wood and have seen just how easy it is for these houses to blow over! Then they used a variety of construction materials (such as Lego) to build more sturdy houses. Thankfully, these houses did not fall down. We have also enjoyed creating our own, alternative ending to the story. One idea was for the pigs to put a trampoline at the bottom of the chimney so that the wolf kept bouncing back up the chimney!

Despite the weather, the children have loved being outside. They have enjoyed painting the playground in lots of different colours as well as practising walking on stilts.

To help develop our vocabulary we learnt different words for ‘big’. These include ‘enormous, ‘massive and ‘gargantum’. We also learnt the signs for ‘pig’, ‘wolf’ and ‘to build’ – perhaps you could see if your child can remember these signs.

Next week we will be reading the story ‘Suddenly’. The home learning can be found attached to this post.



Message for Reception:

Please continue to use Bug Club for reading with your children. If there are any issues accessing Bug Club, then please let the class teacher know.