Dear Mother Goose

Our story this week includes many popular nursery rhyme characters and is called ‘Dear Mother Goose’. This is always such a popular story, as the children are familiar with the nursery rhymes. I am sure they will be able to entertain you by singing many of them!

In the story, the nursery rhyme characters all have problems and they write to Mother Goose asking for some help. Mother Goose then writes them another letter in response with a solution. For example, poor Humpty Dumpty kept falling off his wall so Mother Goose suggested sitting in an eggcup instead. She also suggested Miss Muffet ate her curds and whey in the bath! Perhaps your children can recall some of the other characters’ dilemmas and their solutions from Mother Goose?

In class this week we conducted an experiment to help Humpty Dumpty avoid cracking when he falls off the wall. We tested different materials to see if they could safely catch Humpty! Amongst our ‘beds’ for Humpty we used; shredded paper, blankets, water and paper towels. The children were amazed to find out some of the results. Many then wrote letters to Humpty with ideas to soften his landing!

We have been exploring how to make our vocabulary grow and have learnt three new words/captions for ‘help’. These are: support, assist, and lend a helping hand.

We have learnt the signs: ‘write’, ‘read’, ‘think’ and ‘know’. In addition, linking with our narrative work, we have learnt the sign for ‘what happened next’ and have made predictions as to what will happen next during our story times.


Message for Reception: The children will continue to have access to Bug Club to support their reading development at home. If there are any issues accessing Bug Club, then please let the class teacher know.