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Badminton Club

The penultimate week of term saw the conclusion of the 8 weekly after-school badminton club finals competition.
The children have been learning new skills and enhancing skills already taught and great fun was had by all.
The tournament concluded with Theo Parkhouse and Andre Nikiforov gaining 4th place having been narrowly defeated by ARLO Burrows and Sam Abel who achieved 3rd place.
The final was between 3 players – yes 3 players in a doubles competition! Justin Hiroshima-Arnaud played without a partner to defeat fellow Devon County players Seb Mabin and Marco Batty. The final was very close and the standard of badminton player was very high.
7 players have been chosen from our school to represent Devon at the Under 12 age group
on Tuesdays. 11 children from the year 1 bubble have had a successful introduction to badminton and a great deal of fun has been experienced.
Badminton club continues after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for years 1 and 6 respectively after Christmas.