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WOW! What a busy few weeks back at school! We’ve learnt so much: Civil Rights, Banksy graffiti, percentages, healthy living and so much more! The children have settled back so effortlessly and are absolutely wonderful at social distancing and hand washing! 

A particular highlight was during Harry Potter week where we invented our own magical products to sell at Fred and George’s joke shop. We took inspiration from existing products such as Love Potions, Liquid Luck and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and then took to creating our own! We had Shrinking Sherbert, Marshmallow Mania, Persuasive Pastilles and many more ingenious ideas! The children then created prototypes for their products (non-edible and non-magical unfortunately!) We filmed adverts and wrote compelling sales pitches in the style of Dragon’s Den. We learnt about money management calculating outgoings and profits with some ambitious finances – millionaires in the making!

This week we have been learning about healthy relationships and the children have displayed a very mature approach throughout with insightful and respectful discussion.

We have also been writing scary stories focusing on language choices. Have a read of the extracts below if you dare…!

“Monochromatic shades flashed menacingly in the sky as the moon – a sentinel of the night – watched over the forest’s domain of darkness. Smothering the last remnants of light, the clouds proceeded northwards, as did he.”

“Dean scanned his surroundings, searching for the world he once knew. The woods were once filled with joy and happiness; he could still hear the laughs of children in his head. Yet now it was a deadly assault on his senses. The pungent stench of death filled his nostrils and skeletal branches loomed over, as if wanting to imprison him. He could feel the wind pummeling his face, forcing him backwards into the undergrowth. His face stung: the salt from the water was hurled at his face by the relentless gale. .” 

“Harry Jones had dared him to. Lucas took one deep breath and took a cautious step into the forest. His heart quickened. Thick fog blocked his vision of the stoned path below. He knew he was walking on leaves from the crunch underfoot. A wolf’s unmistakable howl caused sweat to flood the crevices of his face. He knew he needed to panic.” 

“The fog obscured her vision, so each step was always uncertain. The wind seemed to scream at the trees, crawling through the branches of the thicket. As the mist spread, it snatched life; leaves withered and fell, burying the last of the stone-brick path. The posts of the fence slanted and blackened. “H-H-Hello,” she whispered, her voice barely escaping her cracked lips”. 

“She struggled to climb up the rocks, her skeletal body becoming weaker as she desperately tried to heave herself up the cliff. The trees were like long, spindly fingers, twisting through the fog, trying to escape the forest’s grasp.” 

A few photos from sports…


Free Solihull parenting programme which is available to access online

Devon Local Maternity System have purchased a multi-user licence for four Solihull Approach online courses, for all parents and parents-to-be.

Free online courses for residents of DEVON, TORBAY AND PLYMOUTH

· Understanding your pregnancy, birth, labour and your baby

· Understanding your baby

· Understanding your child

· Understanding your teenagers brain

These courses are for everyone who wants to be the best mum, dad, grandparent, carer that they can be. The Solihull Approach aims to improve emotional health and wellbeing by supporting relationships ( The courses are written by CAMHS professionals with other health and education workers. They are evidence based and accredited by the DfE.

Together we are aiming to change the culture around parents‘ self-development and improve children’s wellbeing at the same time. A smoother home life is good for concentration, learning and performance at school.

  • Link to the courses – – access code TAMAR.
  • Email address for queries
  • Frequently asked questions for parents (attached).
  • Free online resources for parents and carers, offering practical information about pregnancy and birth and to help you get to know your baby, and understand your child and teenager better.