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Happy half term Year 4.

We are incredibly proud of all the children in Year 4 who have completed their first half term after such a long time away from school! They have made a great start to the year and we have finished with some great highlights. 

Children have been able to bring their own Roman mosaics home although a few have been chosen to go on display. They have also finished learning and rehearsing their Roman dance/movement sequences to music. 

We have some exciting new topics and units of work that we will start after half term. We hope every child will be reading regularly, engaging in some physical and learning style activities (within covid restrictions) and we hope that every child will have a restful, enjoyable half term. 

As teachers we look forward to speaking to you during parents evening telephone appointments after half term.

The Year 4 team. 

What a week for Year 4

This week, Year 4 have enjoyed starting their addition and subtraction unit in maths while writing about gladiators for their persuasive English unit. 

Each class has set up a fantastic scientific experiment investigating the effect of different liquids on our teeth using eggs. 

This week’s art project has been incredibly enjoyable also, with each child making their own Roman bracelet. In music, we have continued to read notation accurately to recreate the ending (coda) to the well known piece of music ‘In the hall of the mountain king’.

A final note must go to many children in Year 4 who have thoroughly been enjoying reading for pleasure this week. Children from each class have even been spotted reading outside the classroom door at lunch times which has truly been a pleasure for each teacher to see. 

Keep up your hard work Year, you’re amazing.