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Enthusiastic bunch join the blogging team!

This week three boys requested an opportunity to write on behalf of Year 4.

They were buzzing about new things they had learnt and wanted to share….

ICT – Coding

In ICT this week, we have been learning about coding. Most of the children play computer games but not many know how they actually are designed. Coding is where you make up instructions about how you want characters to move on screen. We have completed three levels which were refreshers before we begin our Year 4 level next week. We have learnt how to move our fish or wizard by making them go up, down, left or right. I am confident with this so I was an example to the class.



In PHSCE this week, we have been reminded about the importance of PANTS and talked about different parts of your body. No means no so if somebody touches you, you say no.

Privates and privates

Always remember your body belongs to you.

No means no.

Talk about secrets that upset you.

Speak up to someone you trust, they can help.



This week in French we have been learning about different types of sports. We know the French translation of: court, tennis player, referee, racket and tennis ball. Here are some examples of our my work:

racket = un raquette

tennis player = c’est un jouer de tennis

referee = c’est un arbiter

tennis ball = un bale de tennis

We really enjoyed this lesson.

Marcel and Harry


We are learning more about efficient multiplying methods and learnt how to multiply three numbers. When I first saw 3 x 4 x 2, I was confused and felt it was very complicated. Once we had more practice, and we were shown different ways of working it out, it became easier.


Happy New 2020!

As the new year begins, so too does our busy and exciting Year 4 curriculum.  Your children have arrived back after the holidays, raring to go and have enthusiastically began new areas of study. Our blogging team this week are Larna, Daniel, Harry and Ella.


Daniel and Larna really enjoyed the start of a new science topic on sound. To being everyone has an elicitation, this means you have a few questions to answer regarding what you know about sound. To begin our lessons, we went around our school on a sound walk. It was really interesting and everyone had fun. We walked outside to the PE hut, across to the Early Years building and the sensory garden then to the nursery, the hall, a Year 6 class and finally the library. The sound walk was to listen to the different sounds and see which was the noisiest. The PE hut was the noisiest and the hall was the quietest. It was a really fun activity and the most two fun places we visited were the sensory garden and Mr Prosser’s classroom. I especially liked the sensory garden because we haven’t been there since we were in reception. We are looking forward to the new science topic.

Larna and Daniel 4CS


In topic we have been learning about the Anglo Saxons. We have been researching some amazing facts about what they wore, ate, drank ad how they made houses and furniture. We are hoping to visit Escot sometime this term to take part in an Anglo Saxon day.

Harry 4WW


In art we have been drawing pictures of our homes and tried to draw in 3D – it was quite tricky. We tried to include details of the houses and also included the local area around it e.g. trees and landscapes.

Harry 4WW


In RE we are learning about famous Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The Hindus believe in one God but has many different parts of the God – Hindu people may pray to one particular God for example, God or knowledge if they need help with their school work. We watched a film clip on the daily life of a Hindu girl and boy. It was really interesting and showed us lots of exciting festivals that they took part in.

Ella 4WW

Exciting curriculum continues…

Despite a Christmas countdown firmly on the agenda, Year 4 continue to enjoy a creative curriculum. Bella, Ella and Madison have shared their English, geography and science work.

This week we have been learning to write an explanation text to explain how Santa’s sleigh works! We will plan and draft our ideas by labeling a diagram then importantly, adding complex sentences. We are looking forward to our river projects being completed next week. First we collected cardboard pieces then used block painting to add a background. We worked in groups and had a palette and brush. We were working together and the first step was to paint our river and background. Then, when they were dry, we wrote our facts that we had learnt and added them to the river collage. Finally, we added extras, for example, animals and bridges. We enjoyed it because it was creative and fun.

Bella and Ella.

I have enjoyed science this week where we have been building circuits and learning about electricity travelling through certain objects.