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The Year 3 team would like to say a big welcome to our new Year 3!

All the adults working across the 3 classes have been really impressed with how well the children have settled in . Whether concentrating in maths…….

Or acting out the creation story…..

Or practising basket ball  skills……

………the children have been working hard.

Keep up the good work Year 3 and we should have an exciting term. Look out for the parent curriculum map which will be out this week and you will be able to get ahead with the exciting curriculum we will follow this term.

Happy Summer Year 3

A big thank you from the whole Year 3 team. We have been really impressed with all the children this year and how engaged they have been in their learning.

From putting on puppet shows:


To being READ TO SUCCEED winners:

To doing so much lovely home learning:

Thanks Year 3!

Here we are after our ” water fun” enjoying a well earned lolly!


Have a really great summer .


This week was art week.  The children have enjoyed leaarning about art and artists from around the world with a special focus upon France. They did 3 sessions on Matisse, Seurat and Monet.  We explored drawing, painting and collage skills and we can now name many more famous artists.

We also found time to do some practical maths in the sunshine. We estimated and measured the capacity of different containers and quite enjoyed any splashes which cooled us down!


Finally, in DT we have been designing and making our own moving shadow puppets and have been performing our own plays.


Furry Friday!

To support our chosen charity as voted for by the school council (the RSPCA), we have raised money by donating £1 to dress up in our best animal gear for Furry Friday. The range of different creatures on display were furbulous!

We’ve also received some brilliant home learning, where gorgeous pieces of art work around tsunamis have been produced- we have some very talented artists in year 3! This creativity and attention to detail will be very much needed for Art week starting on Monday!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend- don’t forget to apply suncream, stay hydrated and have buckets of fun!