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Kents Cavern Trip

Year 3 had a great day at Kents Cavern. Our trip really helped us to put all our learning about Prehistoric Britain into context. We had fun on the Stone Age trail finding clues about Prehistoric life and animals and  got to handle artefacts, search for gemstones and explore the caves. It was a brilliant day! A big thanks to all the adults who helped on the trip.


Bikes, Bible stories and beautiful home learning!

Despite the wet weather this week, we have enjoyed lots of learning in Year 3!

After lots of careful planning, building and have finished our stone age shelters! We chose our materials carefully – bubble wrap plastic to keep the shelter waterproof, as well as fur and leaves to keep it camouflaged. Take a look!

Over the last two weeks, 3RH and 3JF have enjoyed superb Bikeability sessions. We have learnt and practised the skills of starting, stopping, balancing and signalling. Have a look at us in action!

3RW are looking forward to taking part in Bikeability fun next week!

We have also been practising our drama skills this week. Year 3 have given fabulous performances in our classrooms. We have acted out the story of Noah and his ark in R.E. In English, we used our imagination to create speech for our story characters ‘Om’ and ‘the boy’. This helped us learn how to use inverted commas, or speech marks, in our writing. 


Finally, a big well done again for more fantastic home learning this week! We’ve really enjoyed sharing Year 3’s skyline creations. 

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Have a happy weekend!