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Year 1 WK 07/12/20

This week we have been busy writing our instructions for “How to catch a Santa.” The children have been working on using adjectives and and to join phrases together. All of the children produced a flappy Santa filled with exciting instructions.

In Maths, we have been putting together all of our place value, addition and subtraction knowledge to solve problems. We have also had fun designing and playing Maths games.

It was the last week of Explore for this term. The children have been busy sorting letters in the Christmas post office and creating beautiful winter patterns and art work. As part of their RE learning the children have been making outfits for figures from the nativity story. They have then been busy creating Bethlehem, desert and hillsides to re-enact the nativity story. 

It was the last week of our UK dance, this week we tried some English country dancing. We learnt to dosey doe, swing our partners and even danced “underneath the arches”. 

Next week is the final week of this term. Thursday will be our end of term celebration day. The children can wear warm Christmas or party clothes for the day.