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Year 1 – 18th September

Another fantastic week in year 1. 

This week the children have enjoyed making their own split pin people in our construction area. They had to use careful cutting and joining skills independently. 

It was a week of firsts as we had our first PE lesson and met Jigsaw Jack. Jack is going to help us with our PSHE learning this year. 

In Maths we have been busy sorting objects and representing numbers in a variety of ways. We have also been busy practicing our number formations. 

In art we have carried on drawing self portraits and also creating sculp tures of faces using natural materials. 


Welcome to year 1!

What a fantastic first week we have had in year 1.

All of the adults have been really impressed with how quickly the children have settled back into school. 

The children have been polite, kind and excited to be back with their friends.

This week we have been busy exploring ourselves, our houses and our bubbles. 

The children have been: drawing self portraits, creating collages of faces and making lots of models of houses. 

It has been great watching the children playing teachers. They have been teaching the adults phonics, maths and PSHE during our Explore time. 

This year we are lucky to have year 1 pets. We have three aquatic frogs which will live in our Explore area. The children have loved observing them and asking questions about their habitat. The frogs names are Chubs, Herbert and Atom.


Sporting stars in 2SM

We’ve had another great week in our Pod.  We’ve done more place value work this week and shown understanding of tens and ones.  We’ve compared and ordered numbers.

In literacy, we’ve looked at ‘Tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson.  The children loved this text and wrote about reasons why Tiddler was late for school.  This book also inspired more lovely art work.


We also took part in a virtual sports day on Wednesday.  The children really were sporting stars as they ran, jumped and threw balls to score their points.  They all had a great time.  

Sports day and a trip back in time

Another fantastic week in pod 2JMa. 

The highlight of the week was our Pod sports day as part of the Exwick Heights “vitual” sports day. Miss Prentice was very impressed with the effort from all of the children. Nobody gave up and they all pushed themselves to try their best. It was also fantastic to see the children cheer each other on and wait patiently for their turn. We are excited to find out the results of sports day. 

In our pod, we took a trip back in time to imagine we were children at the Victorian seaside. We wrote postcards to our previous class TA’s pretending we were Victorian children on holiday. The staff should receive them in the post soon! 

Next week marks the end of life in our pod. We have lots of plans for some Victorian style celebrations.