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Furry Friday!

To support our chosen charity as voted for by the school council (the RSPCA), we have raised money by donating £1 to dress up in our best animal gear for Furry Friday. The range of different creatures on display were furbulous!

We’ve also received some brilliant home learning, where gorgeous pieces of art work around tsunamis have been produced- we have some very talented artists in year 3! This creativity and attention to detail will be very much needed for Art week starting on Monday!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend- don’t forget to apply suncream, stay hydrated and have buckets of fun!

Fairies and Unicorns

As RSD settle back into their old classroom and the nursery settle into their temporary one, our thoughts have turned to unicorns and fairies this week. We have read some delightful stories around this subject and have worked on many activities including: creating pictures and paintings of our interpretations of fairies and unicorns; had pony races; talking about the tooth fairy and teeth hygiene; and writing letters to the tooth fairy.

We have also been making the most of this lovely weather and exploring our Discovery Garden.

Let’s hope the weather stays fine for the half-term and we wish you all a great family time.

On returning to school, we would appreciate any:

  • Reclaimed materials – clean containers, boxes etc.
  • Bags of soil
  • Plants for our garden
  • Unwanted c.d’s/records – for use in our transient art area. Thank you.  

Hooray for home learning!

It’s been another busy week in Year 3! We have been so impressed by all the effort put into the range of colourful and unique home-made clocks created and now on display in our corridor. The children have made so much progress with this tricky topic and we’ve been amazed at the speed the children can covert from minutes to seconds as well as tell the time to the nearest minute on an analogue clock. Keep practicing at home! 

We’ve started to notice lots more of the children completing a range of homework activities around our learning in class. We love going through all the pictures you send through to our homework email, so keep them coming!

The children are really enjoying our Science topic on light and shadows. This week, we have looked at identifying whether materials are transparent, translucent or opaque using LED torches in the darkened classroom. 3RH managed to investigate over 20 different materials and were surprised by some of their findings! What materials can you classify at home?

Watch the Year 4 assembly!

Why not watch our year 4 assembly all about inspirational people from the British Isles? This term we’ve been learning about the British Isles and people who made Britain great. We have been working very hard and we hope you like it. – Mya

Did you know….? David Attenborough was knighted by the Queen? Andy Murray won his first Wimbledon trophy in 2013? Roald Dahl was a famous writer who wrote books like Matilda, the BFG, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Witches and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Shakespeare made up a lot of our English words and he was a famous writer? Alexander Graham Bell invented the very first telephone in 1876? The Edinburgh Seven were the first seven women to graduate from university? – Theo & Kai

An exciting scene is when a narrator shouted, “Here come the Romans!” Then the Romans came marching up the steps onto the stage. Then the another narrator shouted, “Here come the Celts!” and the Celts come running onto the stage. They have a huge fight and the Romans won the battle because they were better trained and equipped. – Rosie

See what interesting facts the narrators have to say! Listen to 2 famous British bands such as… The Beatles and the Proclaimers. Step into a world of never ending famous Britons. You will love it so much you will want to watch it again and again… – Bella


Festive Fruit Salad!

Only 11 days to go till Christmas. As you can imagine the children have had a very exciting week with carols and the Christmas Fayre but we have still been learning!

In DT, we have designed and made our own healthy fruit salads. We learnt about the benefits of eating a healthy diet and the vitamins and minerals which we get from fruit. We enjoyed making our fruit salads and really improved our cutting skills. Some of the children wanted to take their work home but they were just too tasty!

We would like to thank you and the children for all your hard work this term We wish you all a very Merry Christmas.