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A final hello from Year 3😭

We hope you and your family is well. A big well done to all of you who have been trying to keep up with the home learning on Google Classroom. Congratulations to William, Shaun and Noah who have been chosen as star workers for the great work they submitted to .

Well done guys, you can download your certificates here:

A special well done to Shaun who wrote a fabulous volcano poem. Take a look:

At school, our pod have had lots of fun learning about shapes and investigating symmetry. We created our own pictures using different shapes.

Sadly, this will probably be the last blog post for this year. You have been a brilliant year 3 and have worked really hard; we are just sad that we didn’t get to spend the whole year together!

Thanks to parents and carers for helping your children continue to learn at home. We wish you all lots of luck for next year, and hope you have a brilliant summer.

Best Wishes. Stay Safe

The Year 3 Team

Seasides and mermaids

What an amazing week we have had in Pod 2JMa. It has been another week of learning and laughter and we have been super busy.

This week we stepped back in time and looked at what life was like at the Victorian seaside. We decided we would like to try a “hokey pokey”, ride on a penny farthing and change in a bathing hut. As part of our history we got to make our own mini beaches, complete with shells, sand, sea and tiny sandcastles. 

In English we have studied the “singing mermaid”. In the story she is taken to a circus and has to perform until her animal friends rescue her. We had great fun writing “roll up, roll up” posters for our own circuses as well as creating mini stories about our lives as mermaids. 

In maths, we revisited place value and used both resources, part part wholes and 100 squares to solve problems. We designed our own board games and rules and enjoyed playing these. 

As part of our science, we have been busy growing cress. It has been lovely watching the children sing to their cress whilst waiting to wash their hands. The singing has certainly worked as the cress has grown really tall! 

At breaktimes we have been perfecting our skipping. I wonder which new skipping challenges we will complete next week? 

Pod 3JF have fun at the seaside!

This week we have been finding out more about the seaside, as part of our topic work. We learnt about the kinds of things that you would find at the seaside and enjoyed exploring various seaside resorts that we are familiar and less familiar with via google maps. We learnt about piers and found out about Punch and Judy shows! We made puppets and next week will have a go at constructing our own theaters! We also wrote postcards from a pretend seaside holiday to Mrs Harrington and were delighted when she visited us outside our pod (from a two metre distance!) to say thank you. We have loved reading our book of the week, ‘The Singing Mermaid’ and made some lovely portholes, showing our view from under the sea at Silversands….. there were lots of mermaids swimming past our submarines! In Maths, we have been finding our way around a 100 square and investigating different ways of representing  two-digit numbers.


WOW! What a busy few weeks back at school! We’ve learnt so much: Civil Rights, Banksy graffiti, percentages, healthy living and so much more! The children have settled back so effortlessly and are absolutely wonderful at social distancing and hand washing! 

A particular highlight was during Harry Potter week where we invented our own magical products to sell at Fred and George’s joke shop. We took inspiration from existing products such as Love Potions, Liquid Luck and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and then took to creating our own! We had Shrinking Sherbert, Marshmallow Mania, Persuasive Pastilles and many more ingenious ideas! The children then created prototypes for their products (non-edible and non-magical unfortunately!) We filmed adverts and wrote compelling sales pitches in the style of Dragon’s Den. We learnt about money management calculating outgoings and profits with some ambitious finances – millionaires in the making!

This week we have been learning about healthy relationships and the children have displayed a very mature approach throughout with insightful and respectful discussion.

We have also been writing scary stories focusing on language choices. Have a read of the extracts below if you dare…!

“Monochromatic shades flashed menacingly in the sky as the moon – a sentinel of the night – watched over the forest’s domain of darkness. Smothering the last remnants of light, the clouds proceeded northwards, as did he.”

“Dean scanned his surroundings, searching for the world he once knew. The woods were once filled with joy and happiness; he could still hear the laughs of children in his head. Yet now it was a deadly assault on his senses. The pungent stench of death filled his nostrils and skeletal branches loomed over, as if wanting to imprison him. He could feel the wind pummeling his face, forcing him backwards into the undergrowth. His face stung: the salt from the water was hurled at his face by the relentless gale. .” 

“Harry Jones had dared him to. Lucas took one deep breath and took a cautious step into the forest. His heart quickened. Thick fog blocked his vision of the stoned path below. He knew he was walking on leaves from the crunch underfoot. A wolf’s unmistakable howl caused sweat to flood the crevices of his face. He knew he needed to panic.” 

“The fog obscured her vision, so each step was always uncertain. The wind seemed to scream at the trees, crawling through the branches of the thicket. As the mist spread, it snatched life; leaves withered and fell, burying the last of the stone-brick path. The posts of the fence slanted and blackened. “H-H-Hello,” she whispered, her voice barely escaping her cracked lips”. 

“She struggled to climb up the rocks, her skeletal body becoming weaker as she desperately tried to heave herself up the cliff. The trees were like long, spindly fingers, twisting through the fog, trying to escape the forest’s grasp.” 

A few photos from sports…


Sharing a shell in Pod 2SM

We’ve had a great week using the text ‘Sharing a shell’ and the children have even made their own shells with a twist!  They’ve tried really hard with their time telling and have mastered o’clock and many understood half past.  Keep testing them at home on this!

Have a great weekend – from Mrs McDonald, Miss Studley and Mrs Knee.

Time for exploring pod 2JMa

This week in Pod 2JMa we have been exploring plants in the sunshine.

We have been on nature walks searching for wild and garden plants. We have drawn and labelled parts of a plant and used water colours to paint different UK flowers.  

On Friday we took inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy and collected natural materials to make outside art pieces. 

In maths we have been learning to tell the time. We made our own analogue clocks and used this to solve time problems. 

The children have also enjoyed learning the book “sharing a shell”. They wrote their own stories based on this book. 

We also celebrated our first “pod” birthdays this week. 

Another lovely week in 2SM Pod

We’ve had a great week in 2SM Pod doing lots of money activities in maths.  The children have really mastered spotting different coins and are able to say how much they are worth.  

They’ve also loved ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and have found lots of rhyming words as well as learning some interesting facts.  The children have done more ocean based art.  Their portholes and sea turtles are amazing!

Have a great weekend – from Mrs McDonald, Mrs Knee and Miss Studley.

2JMa Directions, money and commotion in the ocean.

What a great week full of laughter and learning in our Pod. 

In English we looked at the book “Commotion in the ocean”. Everybody performed some of the poems from the book and we liked identifying all of the rhyming words included. Our pod window is now full of beautiful art and writing. The children all wrote their own poem based on a sea creature. 

Maths has been all about money. We identified the different coins and added combinations of coins together. We practiced counting in 2p’s, 5p’s and 10p’s and compared two different amounts of money.

ICT has been really fun! The children designed their own maps and had to write directions using positional language. We then became human robots and guided each other around an outside map. 

As part of our PE learning, we created a group dance routine to “Blinding lights”. This was part of a Devon wide competition. As a team the children came up with the “social distanced” moves and created rainbows using ribbons on their hands. Lots of laughter and fun in the sunshine. 



Hello from 2SM Pod!

We have really enjoyed getting to know the children over the last couple of weeks and they have been brilliant at adapting to being on a different site and having lots of new routines to learn.  They have done this with big smiles on their faces and we are so impressed and pleased with them. 

We have been doing position and direction in maths.  We have been under the tables, making maps for our toys to navigate and using the playground to find different ways of moving in full turns and half turns.  The children have really enjoyed reading Barry the Fish with Fingers and as well as doing lots of writing about Barry and his friends.  They have also done some amazing art and craft work.  We now have a giant Barry (and friends) at the back of the classroom complete with glittery scales and fish fingers! 

Thank you for such a positive return to school.  We are so pleased to be working with you – from Mrs McDonald, Mrs Knee and Miss Studley in Pod 2SM.

Settling into Pod 2JMa

The children have settled really well into their new “Pod” life. Our days have been filled with laughter, learning and unpredictable weather! 

Miss Prentice and Mrs Carpenter are really pleased with how positive the children are being and the amazing work they are producing. The children really want to share their learning with those in their bubbles and so each week we will post some of the fantastic work they have produced on the blog. 

This week we have created beautiful sunflower art inspired by Van Gogh. We have also learnt all about animals in science and this has linked with our new English book “Barry the fish with fingers.”

Here are just some of the things we have created.