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Shapes and Shelters!

We have had a busy week in Year 3!

This week, we have enjoyed designing and starting to build our Stone Age shelters. We researched and designed different types of structures, including teepees, A-frames and roundhouses, before deciding on a final design.

Here we are enjoying the challenge of creating our shelter prototypes. We had to work together and think carefully about how we can join materials – only using string!


Some of us have begun to build our final shelter. We have used bubble wrap to ensure our shelter will be water tight. Next, we will be covering them with natural materials, so our shelter can be camouflaged in the woods. Take a look at them so far!

We have enjoyed building on our knowledge of shapes in Maths this week. We have been identifying different types of angles (right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles). We have also learned how to identify horizontal, vertical, parallel, diagonal and perpendicular lines.

We looked at the work of artists Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky, who used different shapes and lines to create their artwork. Inspired by their pieces, we created our own artwork!


Don’t forget to collect natural materials this weekend to build or add to your shelter next week.

Remember to fill in your reading journals over the weekend and to bring them in on Monday – we love to see what you’re reading!

Have a happy weekend! 

A spooky spine week!

Welcome back to a spooky spine chilling week in Year 4. We have had a very busy week and the children have quickly settled back into routines. This is the second week of Bikeability and despite the weather, lots of successful rides took place with children taking on new skills as well as being more aware of road safety. Next week Year 4WW will take their turn for the Bikeability course so those children taking part should remember their bikes, helmets and trainers. The weather is very unpredictable now so a suitable jacket/coat should also be worn. As November the 5th Plot Night approaches, our children have had an extended PHSCE lesson on fire safety including bonfires and fireworks. The fire service provided us with a super resource that includes a children’s guide to learning to stay away from danger zones. The DVD was interactive with a quiz, animations and short clips to help children to be more aware. They loved it and learnt lots too.

This week two new bloggers wanted to have their say. Over to you Fin and Zoe…..

I really enjoyed our spooky writing in English. We listened to a couple of spooky stories and my favourite one was ‘Boo’. We learnt how authors include short sentences and repetition to  build pace and in addition, include lots of verbs and adjectives to put spooky pictures in the mind of the reader. I really enjoyed being spooked, it made me giggle . Fin

I especially liked science this week as we learnt about electrical circuits. I enjoyed connecting wires and bulbs and making power. We learnt about different switches and how they were connected. I really enjoyed exploring a variety of electrical toys and items. Zoe

Have a great weekend

The Year 4 Team

1st Nov 2019 – Year 6

We started ratio and proportion in Maths and have enjoined it very much. We have also started practising for our Remembrance assembly. Propaganda posters have been our focus in art. We also finished our history essays about WW1 and WW2. We have enjoined our World War topics. Next week we are looking forward to performing our Remembrance assembly and completing our information texts.





Up, Up and Away……

Last week to start off our topic, the children designed and made models which they hoped would fly!  This week, we launched them off the balcony.  We saw some gliding, floating, nose-diving and crash landings.  The children were really excited.


Thank you for your support with home-learning and bringing reading records in on a Monday.  We’ve enjoyed looking at the home-learning in books and via email and we’ve been able to give lots of ‘Read to Succeed’ tickets out.  

If you haven’t returned your completed permission slip yet for the trip, please could you send it in as soon as possible.

And finally, we still have a few children who have not brought in named PE kit.  Please could they come in next week.  

Many thanks from the Year 2 Team


Year 1 second week

Another fabulous week in Year 1 with all of your lovely children. This week we have been learning all about History and chronology. We learnt that some things happened a really long time ago (like dinosaurs) and other things much more recently (like the production of iPads!). Thank you so much to all of those that sent photos in at the beginning of term. The children really enjoyed making a timeline of each year of their life. Check out the photos below to see some of their work:

We have also learnt about internet safety and made some brilliant posters about how to be safe on the computers and internet, the children are really looking forward to using the computers next week.  In Maths, we have been learning to count and sort objects and in English, we have been writing about the things our body can do like: eat, walk, run, hop, skip and jump. 

Just a small reminder about the following:

  • PE kits need to be in all week. 
  • Home learning (done in the purple books) is handed in on Thursdays.
  • We visit the library on a Wednesday and books need to be returned by the Tuesday.
  • Reading books are changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Reading Records are collected on a Monday. 

Phew! We think that is all. Have a fabulous weekend!

Furry Friday!

To support our chosen charity as voted for by the school council (the RSPCA), we have raised money by donating £1 to dress up in our best animal gear for Furry Friday. The range of different creatures on display were furbulous!

We’ve also received some brilliant home learning, where gorgeous pieces of art work around tsunamis have been produced- we have some very talented artists in year 3! This creativity and attention to detail will be very much needed for Art week starting on Monday!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend- don’t forget to apply suncream, stay hydrated and have buckets of fun!

Fairies and Unicorns

As RSD settle back into their old classroom and the nursery settle into their temporary one, our thoughts have turned to unicorns and fairies this week. We have read some delightful stories around this subject and have worked on many activities including: creating pictures and paintings of our interpretations of fairies and unicorns; had pony races; talking about the tooth fairy and teeth hygiene; and writing letters to the tooth fairy.

We have also been making the most of this lovely weather and exploring our Discovery Garden.

Let’s hope the weather stays fine for the half-term and we wish you all a great family time.

On returning to school, we would appreciate any:

  • Reclaimed materials – clean containers, boxes etc.
  • Bags of soil
  • Plants for our garden
  • Unwanted c.d’s/records – for use in our transient art area. Thank you.