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Physics Trip

The REACH group recently entered a competition run by a national Physics association, SPIE.  The children were invited to think about what they already know about light and come up with some questions that they think they might be able to answer via scientific experimentation.

Mrs Cronin was thrilled to be informed that six of the group had designed questions that the Physics Department at Exeter University thought they would be able to help the children to answer using some of the University equipment.

The winning questions were:

Can moonlight be as strong as sunlight?  by Haidee

Can light be made to go around solid objects? by Daria

How do you measure the speed of light?  by Vakare

Why are so many things that produce light also warm or hot?  by Faith

How and why does light shone  at a triangular prism produce a rainbow? by Hannah

How does light create the colour spectrum on a CD or DVD? by Mia

On Wednesday 16th March these six children along with Lucas, Zack, Raghav and Mrs Cronin went to the Physics building on the university campus.  We all had the most wonderful day.  We performed experiments, had a tour of the department and were given a talk about the different areas of Physics being studied at the University.  And, as an extra treat and finale to a fascinating day, the children watched strawberry ice-cream being made: not with an ice-cream maker or freezer but with liquid nitrogen!  The resultant ice-cream was delicious.