Business as usual in Year 3!

We might be about to break up for half term, but our busy schedule in Year 3 has continued into this final week! The glorious sunshine we’ve experienced all week has allowed us to continue with our investigations into light and shadows. This time, we’ve explored how the position of the sun affects the direction and length of a shadow. Even in our half hour intervals, the results were striking! 

As part of our English topic, we have written some explanation texts for cracking contraptions that we invented, using the Teacher-Pleaser as our guide. The children did a fantastic job explaining each feature of their machine, its purpose and its location. This morning, we even shared our texts with Year 4, who were able to read their narratives to us too! 

All this hard work and hot weather hasn’t depleted our energy levels too much either! We’ve been keeping fit and creating circuit rotations with a range of heart-racing activities; the children were particularly exhausted by the marching soldiers station!

Alongside all the fantastic learning going on in (and out!) of the classroom, there have been some brilliant examples of home learning this week. A mixture of activities to support mental well-being, as well as some incredible volcanic creations, have brought a smile to our faces! Over half term, make sure to send us some pictures of your exciting activities or cool creations- we’d love to display some more 3D volcanoes in our corridor!

Well done for another fantastic half term, Year 3- you deserve a break! Have a brilliant half term.