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Cheerily Cloud Busting Year 5s

In maths, we have been learning how to order decimals to the nearest whole, tenth and hundredth. Today, we had a tricky but fun challenge, Spiraling Decimals! We worked in partners to place decimals on the spirals, and our aim was to get three in a row, the fun bit was trying to block each other. In addition, we have been learning how to sequence decimals, and this has improved our understanding…..roll on percentages!

By Sophie

Last week, in the fun Friday assembly, we had musical musicians who are taught by Mrs Todd to perform. Their pieces included La Morisque, which was very impressive. These enchanting tunes were music to our ears. Ms Willett and I helped to organise this special event, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also had the opportunity to perform myself. The performances included different instruments, such as, the bassoon, fife, flute and the recorder. During the performance the ordinance looked stunned! This assembly was definitely one to remember.

By Theo and Harry

This term in P.E, we enjoyed Olympic activities. We began by learning the best techniques for running, and after that, we worked on our long jump skills. These included, bending our knees, and leaping forward effectively. In addition to the Olympics, we have continued to play handball. We have enjoyed three weeks of this unique new sport, so we are now pros. In the first week, we learnt the rules, and different passing techniques, these included; bounce pass, chest pass, and overhead pass. In the second week, we practiced shooting and saving. On the final week we enjoyed a mini tournament, where we all played each other once. As well as the Olympics and handball, we have been playing football rounders. In our Red Badge Treat (1st April) we are looking forward to a big game of football rounders on the field.

By Jack M

This week in English, we have stared a new topic, the genre is poetry, and we are reading, ‘Cloud Busting’ by Malorie Blackman. An important feature of this book will intrigue you. You may just think it is an ordinary old poetry book, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. It is a moving story, of an extraordinary friendship between two key characters. The book uses different poetic devices, that will strike different emotions, as their friendship goes through some ups and downs. I’m not going to tell you any more, as I don’t want to spoil the story for you.

By Lillie

A Colourful Curriculum…

This week in art, we have continued to sculpt and paint Greek pots. It takes a lot of effort to make them look Greek and old! Before we sculpted them, we needed to come up with a technical design. First, we mixed yellow, brown and black to get the base colour, and then we used fine line to decorate them. Some of the details were small and intricate; it was an amazing experience. By Lilly

World Book Day! We were allowed to come into school dressed as our favorite book character. Even better than that, Simon James came in and talked to us about his books, and where he gets his inspiration from, and why he chose to become an author. It was very inspiring. Later on in the day, we played games and some of us made up small plays which had to include the character we were dressed as. We will perform them on Red Nose Day. By Jack

This week in English we have been planning our Greek myths. We have been learning how to write quality text, by including different features, such as expanded noun phrases, relative clauses, and fronted adverbials.

We have spent some time planning the structure, and included settings, characters and dilemma.

After sketching our own mythical creatures photocopied them and allowed us to stick them in our English book. We are now writing at length and consider ourselves professionals at up-leveling our sentences. We are so excited to see how our stories will turn out.

By Sophie and Emily

In science this week we have been learning about different materials. In ICT we designed a table that included images of different materials including: stone, rubber, glass, wood, plastic, metal, leather and cotton wool. We then had to write examples of different properties and explain their uses. In addition, we carried out a really cool experiment. We were investigating whether some materials (solute) were soluble or insoluble. We considered a fair test, observed carefully, recorded our results and wrote a conclusion of our findings. There were some surprises.

By Ivy and Bella

Year 5’s Beautiful Blog!

This week in art, we have made some Greek pots. First, we watched a video about the best way to create a Greek style pot. It was very useful. It taught us that if you keep starting again, your pot will have more cracks than if you formed your pot first time. Knowing this really helped us. After creating our pots, we started to think about which Greek design we wanted to paint on them. We are enjoying this art topic so much. All in all we are loving this amazing opportunity. By Jack

This week in science, we have been studying the filtration system (how you make dirty water clean). To start off with, our teacher made us some really dirty water containing, mud, pasta, iron filings, sand, salt, stone and grit. To begin our cleaning process, we used a colander over a measuring jug and poured the dirty water through it. This separated the bigger pieces from the water. Next, we used a funnel to remove the sludge from the water. After that, we took a sieve and repeated the process to get rid of some of the smaller dirt and grit. To remove smaller pieces, we used a scourer in the sieve. Afterwards, we then got a magnet to extract the iron filings! The penultimate task, was to whip out some filter paper to filter any more debris. After this stage, the water will still not be clean enough to drink, but would be clean enough to release into the River Exe! By Theo and Amelie

Marvellous maths! Our fractions frenzy is contiuning. We have been adding and subtracting fractions, which has been lots of fun, I can’t wait to see what we will be learning next! By Lillie