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Parachuting power!

Year 5 have continued their scientific journey this week, exploring the impact of air resistance on parachutes. In small groups, a variety of parachutes were designed, with a focus on considering the independent and dependent variables ensuring a fair test. There were many gasps and surprised expressions at the timed results at the bottom of the balcony! 

Year 5 have been immersed in their new topic of the Middle East. Each class has embraced this fascinating subject, going beyond the learning in their very detailed Topic book to investigate this period of history in more detail. In 5GT, the children split themselves into Sunnis and Shias, battling over Muhammad’s teachings. In 5RW, factors about the success of the Ottoman Empire were ordered from most to least important. In 5LS, video and written research was explored, looking at the development of the Arab-Islamic Empire. Ask your child all about the Middle East- we are sure they’ll be full of knowledge!

Well done to Year 5 for being so determined to succeed during this week’s TTRockstars Rock Out competition. All three Year 5 classes have attained the most points in the school during this week, as well as in the top 20% of schools nationwide! Special congratulations to Erica, Harry S, Lucas, Marco, Jonathan, Theo, Alex A and Harry P who are all in the Top 10 individual scores in the school.  You have until tomorrow at 19.30 to support our school! 

Finally, next Thursday, Devon and Cornwall Fire Service will be coming in for a fire safety conference with the children- you might want to think of some questions to ask the firefighters over the weekend!

Have a great weekend!

Fabulous Year 5!

We are having such a wonderful time in Year 5 this half term! It was a joy to gather together and discuss all our successes  so far this year and our individual and collective targets going forward. The children were unsurprisingly thoughtful and mature about their next steps, including ensuring that homework and reading diaries are completed  to a high standard, as well as helping others to learn effectively by making sensible learning choices and avoiding distractions. Well done, Year 5!

5LS and 5RW had a great time completing their Space food mission, creating delicious falafel pieces that were mouth-wateringly stupendous! Mrs Wang was devastated to miss out on these tasty morsels! Perhaps you might make some more at home for you (and Mrs Wang?) to try?

Finally, we’ll be taking part in the TTRockstars Rock Out Week next week. Our school will be competing with others around the country to win a grand prize, so next week, make sure you get in as much TTRockstars time as you can!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Welcome back, Year 5!

It has been a joy to return and work with the wonderful children of Year 5! Without hesitation, the determined and positive attitudes demonstrated last half term have not only returned, but strengthened! This was most clearly seen in our new unit of statistics work in Maths, where it took a few attempts to successfully construct and accurately plot line graphs! There were a great deal of (relieved!) smiles once this target had been achieved! 

Further achievements have been noticed across the Year 5 classes in the number of reading records signed and regularly recorded in. Congratulations to 5LS and 5GT on winning the Read to Succeed competition throughout the school last half term (with 5RW not far behind!) Let’s see if we can maintain the crown of reading champions by remembering to read EVERY day for around half an hour. 

Homework has continued to be completed to a very high standard and with obvious benefit to the children’s learning and understanding of our topics. We look forward to seeing more impressive displays of effort as the term continues. Below are some examples of great home learning from before half term!

And finally, to conclude our Earth and Space topic, the children have been working on their DT project to create the perfect space food, which surprisingly is falafel! 5GT have finished their mouth-watering food product- 5LS and 5RW have much to look forward to next week!

Have a wonderful weekend, Year 5! 

Congratulations, Year 5!

What a half term it’s been in Year 5! From perfect performances to dazzling dance routines, talents have been honed and new interests sparked during our rehearsals for our day 10-a-day assembly. If you haven’t already watched the finished masterpiece, it is now available to view in full on the blog! Its impact on the school community has been clear to see, with many teachers letting Year 5 know that their classes have been remembering to think about looking after their physical and mental wellbeing more so since our performance. Don’t forget to look after yourselves and do something you enjoy over the half term!

In a well-deserved reward (as well as a super learning opportunity, of course!), the Space Dome descended on Exwick Heights and delivered an out-of-this world experience! The children (and adults!) were starstruck by the incredible sights and sensations of our universe!

We are so proud of all that has been achieved so far this term and can’t wait to see you all again for the next half term of Christmassy joy!

Mrs. Lloyd-Seetim, Mrs Wang, Mr Lonergan and Mr Taylor. 

Get ready for the performance of a lifetime!

The West End. Broadway. Plymouth Pavillions. None of these esteemed venues can hold a candle to the stunning performance due at Exwick Heights on Friday 11th October!  Rehearsals have been such a delight- it has been a joy to see the children so engaged and enthralled throughout (as well as witnessing some seriously impressive dance moves from Mrs. Wang and Mrs. Lloyd-Seetim!) 

It’s been clear to see that the teamwork required for such a wondrous production has transferred into the classroom; in our Jigsaw lessons, the children collaborated brilliantly to create their own games using some….interesting objects from around the classroom!  

In Music, 5RW have been exploring a variety of instruments and made decisions as to what colour they thought the instrument’s sound corresponded with! The children did a great job articulating and justifying their decisions to the rest of the class.

In Science, we are all loving our Earth and Space topic. The quality of discussion and work produced is fantastic- generated through online and referenced research, sublime home learning and excellent teaching, of course! This week, we have either been researching a planet of our choice or looking in greater depth at our solar system.

And lastly, a big thank you to all parents for their support with home learning and reading to/with your children. We can see what a huge impact it’s having on the children’s attitude to learning and the skills they are gaining. We can’t wait to see more fabulous examples of homework in the weeks to come! 

Have a great weekend, Year 5- this time next week, your acting prowess will be famous throughout the school (and the land!)