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Year 4 Blog- including Aquarium trip photos.

Since Easter, Year 4 have on a school trip to Plymouth Aquarium. We took part in a workshop about coral from around the world where we learnt about sea temperature, salinity and ph levels. We also learnt about the dangers to coral and the creatures living in the sea.

At the Aquarium, we saw lots of different marine animals including sharks, sting rays, starfish, eels, octopi, jellyfish, turtles, clown fish, puffer fish, crabs and a range of tropical fish. All of year 4 enjoyed the trip, learnt lots about the sea and would love to go again. It will help us learn more about our Australia topic.

In maths we have been learning about money and have just started our new topic on statistics. In English, we have continued preparing to write an animal story and in science we have started our topic of living things and their habitats.

Watch the Year 4 assembly!

Why not watch our year 4 assembly all about inspirational people from the British Isles? This term we’ve been learning about the British Isles and people who made Britain great. We have been working very hard and we hope you like it. – Mya

Did you know….? David Attenborough was knighted by the Queen? Andy Murray won his first Wimbledon trophy in 2013? Roald Dahl was a famous writer who wrote books like Matilda, the BFG, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Witches and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Shakespeare made up a lot of our English words and he was a famous writer? Alexander Graham Bell invented the very first telephone in 1876? The Edinburgh Seven were the first seven women to graduate from university? – Theo & Kai

An exciting scene is when a narrator shouted, “Here come the Romans!” Then the Romans came marching up the steps onto the stage. Then the another narrator shouted, “Here come the Celts!” and the Celts come running onto the stage. They have a huge fight and the Romans won the battle because they were better trained and equipped. – Rosie

See what interesting facts the narrators have to say! Listen to 2 famous British bands such as… The Beatles and the Proclaimers. Step into a world of never ending famous Britons. You will love it so much you will want to watch it again and again… – Bella