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It’s beginning to get a little bit Christmassy!


This week in English the Year 4 Team are daring to venture into a Christmassy mood with the introduction to an ‘Explanation Text’. Children will plan and draft their ideas to explain how Santa’s sleigh works! We’ve began with an elicitation (children demonstrate their explanation skills independently), and children were asked to explain how a hoover works. Children enjoyed it, letting their imaginations run away with them; a little like the ‘sit on’ hoovers that some were writing about! It should be fun….

Topic (Rivers)

Our children desperately need cardboard please. We are about to create a river journey and using a variety of collage techniques, intend to plan, research,  then create a magnificient piece of art work. We will display our new knowledge about rivers in our local area as well as rivers around the world.

Carols in the Playground

Year 4, 5 and 6 are now rehearsing songs for this  year’s Carols in the Playground. It would be a great idea for your children to begin practicing their singing skills at home and learning new lyrics to songs. Copying out the lyrics and drawing pictures or cartoons is an effective way of learning songs. Our performance will take place on Tuesday 17th December at 3.30 in the Year 6 play area. It would be fantastic to see parents and friends there, so pop the date into your diary.

Best wishes from the Year 4 Team






Maths and Science is the favourite!

This week our children have been busy rehearsing their skills and knowledge to become our future mathematicians and scientists!


This week I have enjoyed maths because we have been measuring different types of figures (shapes) and working out the perimeter of them. Ms Willett and Miss Woolner have been teaching us different tactics to figure it out. For example, if the shape is on cm squared paper, you can count the lines on the outside, you then add them together and this gives you the perimeter. At the end of the week, we were given a green sheet to test our knowledge on perimeter and length. I got 13/15!



In science we are learning about insulators and conductors. We tested different metal materials to see if they were conductors. Only the copper plated steel and the 1pence coin worked. We also tested wooden spoons, blue tack, rubbers and a plastic ruler – they didn’t work!


Topic – Geography

We are studying local rivers and rivers around the world. We are about to carry out our own research on a river somewhere in the world and we are looking forward to creating a collage of the river with interesting facts and information about it. We are working in pairs or small groups to create something very special. 

PLEA – Please could you save any larger pieces of cardboard for this project? For example boxes that we could flatten. Thank you!

The Year 4 Team

Year 4 hit the high notes


A very musical week in Year 4 – our guitar playing is coming on a treat and a few children are beginning to play full chords. A group of children are practicing a Christmas song (it’s a secret at the moment), and if all goes well, may perform it during this year’s ‘Carols in the Playground’. All children have enjoyed learning the guitar and can strum in time to music and play two different notes. Their musical skills are showing super progress, so watch out, you may have a guitar superstar of the future!

All of Key Stage 2 children are now busy learning songs for Christmas. Some old favourites have been requested but a few new ones are hitting the right notes. They will be two performances of Carols in the Playground – one features Year 2 and 3 and will be held on Monday 16th December at 3.30 – the other performance is Year 3 to Year 6 and this will be held on Wednesday 18th December, again at 3.30.

Next week we will be introducing our ‘Blogging Team’ again and you can hear from individual children who would like to contribute to our Year 4 blog.

The Year 4 Team

A spooky spine week!

Welcome back to a spooky spine chilling week in Year 4. We have had a very busy week and the children have quickly settled back into routines. This is the second week of Bikeability and despite the weather, lots of successful rides took place with children taking on new skills as well as being more aware of road safety. Next week Year 4WW will take their turn for the Bikeability course so those children taking part should remember their bikes, helmets and trainers. The weather is very unpredictable now so a suitable jacket/coat should also be worn. As November the 5th Plot Night approaches, our children have had an extended PHSCE lesson on fire safety including bonfires and fireworks. The fire service provided us with a super resource that includes a children’s guide to learning to stay away from danger zones. The DVD was interactive with a quiz, animations and short clips to help children to be more aware. They loved it and learnt lots too.

This week two new bloggers wanted to have their say. Over to you Fin and Zoe…..

I really enjoyed our spooky writing in English. We listened to a couple of spooky stories and my favourite one was ‘Boo’. We learnt how authors include short sentences and repetition to  build pace and in addition, include lots of verbs and adjectives to put spooky pictures in the mind of the reader. I really enjoyed being spooked, it made me giggle . Fin

I especially liked science this week as we learnt about electrical circuits. I enjoyed connecting wires and bulbs and making power. We learnt about different switches and how they were connected. I really enjoyed exploring a variety of electrical toys and items. Zoe

Have a great weekend

The Year 4 Team

Spooky Spines in Year 4!

Welcome back to a spooky spine chilling week in Year 4. We have enjoyed another busy week and quickly settled back into routines. We have completed a second week of Bikeability and despite the weather, lots of successful rides took place with children taking on new skills as well as being  more aware of road safety.