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A march into Exeter with the Romans!

Year 4 have come to the end of another very busy week. All children are now in a good rhythm and have enjoyed the variety of activities including our first trip. This week I have invited interested volunteers to write our school blog. The Year 4 team intends to rotate this as we believe it is a super way for children to express their own views and ideas about their learning.

This week in Year 4, we have been on a ‘Red Coat’ tour to learn about the Romans. We met two volunteers, Susie and Julie who enjoyed showing us some real Roman walls. We especially enjoyed the ‘tortoise formation’ and their march, we were then asked to try it our for ourselves.


On our trip, we enjoyed finding out about different facts from our Roman guide and had a chance to look in the museum. We saw examples of the kind of protections that the Roman soldiers would wear during war. We followed the Roman wall in town, and the wall was very long!


This week in RE we have been learning about the Holy Trinity. We learnt about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the importance of baptism to Christians. We looked at different pieces of artwork and then sketched pictures of Jesus in the water being baptized by John the baptist. We then wrote an important passage in our best handwriting saying ‘When Jesus was baptized, he went from the water to heaven. Then behold, the heavens were opened and he saw the spirit of God descending  like a dove, then a voice said “This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased’.






Year 4 get busy and bossy!

A very busy week in Year 4 as children continue to get to grips with new routines, organisation and expectations. They have been wonderful. The number of Reading Journals  handed in on Mondays (and signed) has continued to grow and they have enthusiastically completed their Home Learning tasks for Thursday. The children have enjoyed sharing some of their work during our Year 4 Assembly and are keen to see what the new Home Learning menu offers.

As Autumn creeps in, we have been encouraging children to engage with nature’s treasure that surrounds them. ‘Bonkers about Conkers’ has hit a note and we have offered a challenge  to try and find the largest. Who will be crowned Conker Champion 2019? Maybe encourage your child to find out more about conker traditions and sketch some examples to share in assembly.

In English this week your children have been learning how to write a persuasive text. They can identify persuasive features  including imperative verbs, (bossy ones,) and look at examples  of information and how it is set out. Next week they will consider effective adverts and try and sell you  a Roman home!

We are all looking forward to our trip next week, thank you again to parents who kindly offer to help out. Please arrive with your child in the morning at the normal time and we will have all the information you need. We shall meet as a class to discuss the day’s proceedings and of course, have the essential ‘loo visit’ before we set off.

Have a great weekend, don’t forget the conker hunt if you are able.

Kind regards

Year 4 Team

A Warm Welcome to Year 4

The Year 4 Team would like to welcome you to our blog; a great way to share lots of learning experiences with you during the academic term. We have had a super start and our children appear happy, settled and (more or less) organised. A reminder please that Reading Journals (signed please) are due in on Mondays and Home Learning books are expected,  on Thursday. A reminder too that PE takes place on Monday and Tuesday (4CS) and Tuesday and Friday (4ST and 4WW). The weather is of course becoming colder, so outdoor gear would be recommended.

Today we have completed our first English writing topic based on the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’. Children have immersed themselves in drama/speaking and listening activities as well as watching original footage of the volcanic eruption. We’re not so sure they were impressed with news clips having black and white tv, but the scary backing music made them take note! They have worked really hard on improving sentence work which includes fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases and produced some lovely pieces of historic narrative.

Science has been a hit with our children – a variety of digestive systems have arrived in abundance – models of human organs are hanging from most corners of the classrooms and they are very life like!  Next week we will be learning more about teeth hygiene and making some examples of clay molars!! 

In music, children are enthusiastically enjoying instrumental teaching. This term they are having an introduction to the acoustic guitar and will be able to play along with simple melodies. It’s pretty calm at the moment, but the electric guitars and bass guitars with amps awaits!

Can we take this opportunity of thanking you for a warm welcome. The team have had opportunity to say hi to many parents and a reminder that we are available if you have any concerns during this new and transitional time.

Kind regards, the Year 4 Team


Year 4 Home Learning 4th July

For this week’s Home Learning, please spend another week learning the tricky spellings which were set. These will be tested next Thursday.

Due to Art week and Residential, your task this week is to create a piece of art inspired by the artists and art work you have studied. eg. Picasso, Miro, Bridget Riley, Dali, Frida Kahlo…