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Shapes and Shelters!

We have had a busy week in Year 3!

This week, we have enjoyed designing and starting to build our Stone Age shelters. We researched and designed different types of structures, including teepees, A-frames and roundhouses, before deciding on a final design.

Here we are enjoying the challenge of creating our shelter prototypes. We had to work together and think carefully about how we can join materials – only using string!


Some of us have begun to build our final shelter. We have used bubble wrap to ensure our shelter will be water tight. Next, we will be covering them with natural materials, so our shelter can be camouflaged in the woods. Take a look at them so far!

We have enjoyed building on our knowledge of shapes in Maths this week. We have been identifying different types of angles (right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles). We have also learned how to identify horizontal, vertical, parallel, diagonal and perpendicular lines.

We looked at the work of artists Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky, who used different shapes and lines to create their artwork. Inspired by their pieces, we created our own artwork!


Don’t forget to collect natural materials this weekend to build or add to your shelter next week.

Remember to fill in your reading journals over the weekend and to bring them in on Monday – we love to see what you’re reading!

Have a happy weekend! 

Shapes and more!

This week, Year 3 have been busy learning all about shapes! We have been naming different 2D shapes and counting their sides, vertices (corners) and angles. We have also been naming 3D shapes and counting their edges, faces and vertices. We even met the angle family – Mrs Right Angle, Mr Obtuse Angle, Baby Acute Angle and Reflex Angle! Here we are building our own 3D shapes.



This week in Science, we investigated whether the length of all of someone’s fingers measures the same as their arm. We selected our measuring tools and worked in pairs to ensure we were measuring accurately.  After lots of careful measuring, we found the statement to be false! Here we are measuring our fingers:


We celebrated some fantastic home learning in Year 3 this week, including Stone Age models of Stonehenge and roundhouses, cave painting drawings and even some DIY artefacts!

Well done Year 3!

Don’t forget to keep reading over the weekend and bring your reading journals in on Monday – if you have read three or more times this week, you can get a Read to Succeed ticket! 

Happy weekend!


Well done to everyone for reading so much more at home. A special congratulations to these pupils who won a book in the half term draw. Remember that if you hand in your reading journal on a Monday, and have read 3 or more times, you get a reward point and a ticket. Keep up the good work and you could win a book in the next draw before Christmas.

Parent Home Reading Workshop

Thank you to all the parents and children who attended the Home Reading Workshop last week.

The session was a great success. Alison Andrews from Devon  Library Services gave us some great tips for encouraging your child to read at home. She shared with us the benefits which children get from reading which included better mental health and increased reading skills which enable children to access all areas of the curriculum. We talked about the challenges of finding the time to read with, and hear our children read (something that is a nationwide issue).  In the session we talked about the importance of both hearing your child read and reading with your child in equal measure. We also discussed the importance of your child reading a variety of texts including: school books, library books, comics, catalogues, newspapers etc. Basically, anything to capture their interest! Our school librarian explained how we have an impressive collection of books for the children to choose from and we shared some of the latest books to engage readers.  The children told us  how the Read to Succeed scheme encourages them to read at home  and how D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read) lets them read more at school- they also get to find out what the other adults in school are reading too!

Here are some of the resources we shared which might help you engage your child with home reading. We will run this session again next year so please sign up!


Story Mapping and more bones!

Wow- this half term has gone by in flash! Last week we enjoyed acting out our non-fiction penguin report using story maps. This helped us to learn the structure of the text and we added great actions too!

In Science, we learnt the scientific names for the bones in the  human skeleton. For example: the skull = cranium and mandible, thigh bone = femur, knee cap = patella. We worked in groups to name the bones.


The  year 3 children have been doing lots of home reading and we will get the results of the READ TO SUCCEED draw on Friday. Could you win a book? Which class has read the most?

We look forward to seeing you all at Parents’ Evening this week. Don’t forget that the book fair is here this week too, so have a browse while you’re waiting.

Finally it is harvest time please bring in any goods to donate to the food bank.