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Easter Painting Workshop

Last week, Exwick Heights hosted a well attended Easter craft workshop. The weather was extremely kind so we were able to use our outdoor classroom in the nature area.

Children and their grown ups painted suncatchers and hung them from the tree near our friendship bench. They look wonderful and catch the sunlight beautifully!

Thank you everyone for coming, it was a great success. 

Year 6 Residential Trip – London 2019 – Day four

For our final day in London we spent a few hours at the Natural History Museum before heading back to Exeter. Despite some serious hail on the journey home we arrived to sunshine and happy faces!

Thank you to everybody involved who made sure the trip ran smoothly and that we all had such a wonderful week. 

Until next time!

Year 6 Residential Trip – London 2019 – Day three

Wednesday morning started with another amazing breakfast at the hostel before we collected our packed lunches and headed out for the day.

We arrived a Madame Tussauds and skipped straight to the front of the huge queue! We split into groups and ventured in…

We saw waxworks of loads of celebrities, politicians and historical figures. We hung out with everybody from Henry VIII to Donald Trump; Mo Farrah to Darth Vader and even got roared at by King Kong! We took a whistle-stop tour through the history of the city on the Spirit of London ride and watched Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron Man defeat Doctor Doom in the 4D cinema.

After we’d had lunch on the coach we arrived at the Apollo Theatre for our afternoon activity, Wicked! It was great to see all the amazing performers and everyone loved all the singing and dancing.

Once we got back to the hostel we had our last wonderful dinner of lasagne and garlic bread with Seville orange pudding with custard. Then we had the privilege of watching some amazing and varied acts in our talent show. Well done to everybody who took part!

Finally, back to the lodges to pack for tomorrow. We’re going to miss the place!

Year 6 Residential Trip – London 2019 – Day two

Early this morning, (5.30 am for some!), we were graced with a phenomenal breakfast. We filled ourselves up and set off to Buckingham Palace where we stopped to pose for photographs as we waved to the Queen…to no avail!

We walked to the Houses of Parliament to explore the historical Palace. After being greeted by our tour guides, we toured a few of the thousand rooms including the House of Lords, and House of Commons and were blinded by the amount of gold coating the walls and ceilings inside! The group then entered the public viewing gallery and watched as Mr Speaker listened to various debates MPs were there to discuss.

Afterwards, in the education centre, we fired many questions to Ben Bradshaw including what he thought of the many new houses being built in Exeter and what policies he would implement if he were Prime Minister.

After taking a swift walk across Westminster Bridge, we embarked upon the London Eye. In pods, we admired the panoramic view;  with beautiful blue skies highlighting the stunning architecture across the Capital. 

In the evening, a delicious supper of chicken pie and mashed potato was had followed by some very chocolaty chocolate cake! Some of us decided to spend some time at the Laura Trott Leisure Centre to play football whilst the rest of us made the most of the mezzanine room here at the hostel.

We can’t wait until tomorrow for yet another busy day exploring! 

Year 6 Residential Trip – London 2019 – Day one

We started our journey to London bright and early, with hundreds of cakes in tow. After a rainy couple of hours and a service-stop for lunch we arrived at Warner Brothers Studio for a tour of the sets, costumes, props and characters of the Harry Potter movies!

We sampled butter beer, levitated some broomsticks and stepped aboard the Hogwarts Express. Everybody braved the Forbidden Forest and came out unscathed. We even took part in a quick game of quidditch.

Then we were back on the coach for a quick drive to the lodgings. After finding our dorms and dropping off our bags it was over to the canteen for a delicious plate of meatballs and then jam sponge and custard. 

Finally we’re having an early(ish) night in preparation for our visit to Buckingham Palace tomorrow!