Another busy and brilliant week in Year 5! 29.4.21


This week in maths we have learned different methods of subtracting and adding decimals. We learnt the method of column addition and subtraction. For an example: 0.35+0.4=0.75. If you don’t line up the columns correctly then this leads to you getting the answer wrong. Also, in subtraction, if the first number only has tenths and the next one includes hundredths, you might want to put a ‘0’ in the hundreths column of the first one e.g. 3.65-0.80. – Mahdi and Jacob 5LS


This week in our topic ‘biomes’, we learnt how temperatures and precipitation controls the plants that can survive in an area, and then this controls the animals that can survive there. We also learnt how currents move warmer/colder water around the oceans and they are so powerful that they can effect climate on land, therefore biomes. We learnt lots more too! I’m really enjoying this topic as it’s really interesting and there’s so much more we can find out. – Larna 5RW

This topic is very fun! I’ve learnt a lot and I hope I keep learning MORE! There are a lot of biomes. We also learnt about how temperature and precipitation affect what a biome is. I look forward to doing more! – Flint 5RW


This week, we have used the structure of our model text, ‘Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties’ and created our own comedic narratives. Conservations with dogs, text messages coming to life and 500kg of coleslaw have been just some of the many events included in our writing. We have made sure to include features such as writing in an informal manner, using dialogue to convey character and move the story forward, and precise description. We are looking forward to creating final pieces (with illustrations!) over the next two weeks. – 5GT