A warm welcome to 5LS!

We have had an amazing first week together!

Two children wanted to share some of their experiences of our first week back with you. 

Before I came to school I wasn’t feeling nervous at all. I actually was feeling confident, calm and excited. When we were waiting to come in I had a nice feeling of seeing everyone again. the first day was really fun, we got to do a lot but it was very relaxed. I really like my teachers and am looking forward to spending my Year 5 with them.


When I came in for the first time it seemed really busy but I soon saw lots of familiar faces. I went down to my class to find all my friends. Then we went in and started to explore. All of this felt a bit strange but normal in a way. The best bit of the day was seeing everyone again and going out to play and have fun. Lunchtimes are a bit different but I have soon settled in and everything is starting to feel familiar now. I am excited about Year 5!


We are all looking forward to an action packed week to come.

Have a fun and restful weekend.