Thank you, Dr Bike!

Thanks to Dr Bike from SUSTRANS for visiting the school this week! Charlotte Stokes and her colleague spent the day making sure our pupil and staff bikes were roadworthy for their sustainable journeys.

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Merry Christmas from the Foundation Stage

It has been a very exciting week this week in the Foundation Stage. The children were so excited to see Santa on Tuesday, he called in via video link to say “Merry Christmas” to us all. We had our Christmas party on Thursday, where we enjoyed munching our Christmas party food and having a relaxing afternoon with our friends.

Note: The home learning set last week can also be for completion over the Christmas holiday.

The Foundation Stage team would like to say a very big thank you for all our Christmas cards and gifts that we have received. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you in January.

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Year 2 Bug Club! How to access online reading books for your child.

As a school, we have now subscribed to Bug Club, which is an online library of high quality eBooks, for our younger pupils.  This is to enable your child to have increased opportunity to read at home, as well as offer an exciting new dimension to their reading experience.   As such, your child can now access and choose from a selection of eBooks allocated to them by their teacher (in addition to the books already being sent home).

Information about how to access Bug Club can be found in our online learning help page:

.  Please do let us know if you have any problems accessing this information or Bug Club online.

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Badminton Club

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The penultimate week of term saw the conclusion of the 8 weekly after-school badminton club finals competition.
The children have been learning new skills and enhancing skills already taught and great fun was had by all.
The tournament concluded with Theo Parkhouse and Andre Nikiforov gaining 4th place having been narrowly defeated by ARLO Burrows and Sam Abel who achieved 3rd place.
The final was between 3 players – yes 3 players in a doubles competition! Justin Hiroshima-Arnaud played without a partner to defeat fellow Devon County players Seb Mabin and Marco Batty. The final was very close and the standard of badminton player was very high.
7 players have been chosen from our school to represent Devon at the Under 12 age group
on Tuesdays. 11 children from the year 1 bubble have had a successful introduction to badminton and a great deal of fun has been experienced.
Badminton club continues after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for years 1 and 6 respectively after Christmas.

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Year 4 Christmas Home learning

We apologise that this home learning is late, however we hope these tasks will keep the children busy this week and over the Christmas holidays. We do not need to see Home learning this week so please can the children bring their books in on the first week back with some of this work completed.

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This week in Year 5!

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In Maths this week we have been learning about …


Melody: In Maths we have been learning about the area of different 2D shapes. Yesterday we worked on compound shapes that at first I didn’t get but I soon whizzed through them! Learning area has been really fun and I look forward to learning more.

Tristan: In Maths we have been learning about the perimeter of shapes. A perimeter is the outside lines of a shape for example if one side of a square is 2cm then the perimeter of the shape would be 8cm.



In Science this week we have been learning about …


Vanessa and Theo: We have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes such as melting an ice-lolly and burning wood. We found out that melting an ice-lolly is reversible but burning wood is irreversible. We also watched some videos to find out whether they were reversible or irreversible.



In English this week we have been learning about …


We have completed our setting descriptions for our English topic, crafting winter landscapes (of both positive and negative intent) full of imagination! Here are some examples:

Embraced by the welcoming mountain (which was coated in a blanket of snow) she danced around. As the mountain surveyed its territory, Lucy could taste the adventure in the air. It was dazzling yet tranquil.


Northern lights whistled in the wind with cerulean colours as it produced stunning views. Snow-coated mountains, with picturesque views, tickled Tom’s taste buds.


Icy fingers of wind caressed Bob’s face while blowing the snow away, like a family member trying to keep you warm. As Bob ventured towards the ocean, the taste of salt consumed his taste buds as if he were on a warm beach back home.


Sally walked onto the frozen coat of snow, which glistened like diamonds. Looming mountains were wrapped in ice, with the river below waving happily.


Above Zoe in the morning sky was a sight that caused her eyes to dazzle like a diamond dancing. Snowflakes swam in the air, landing into a clear, calm lake, leaving behind the gentle touch of a puddle.


Sunlight peeled away to reveal the darkness of night looming. Towards the deadly branches within the forest, Billy tripped over the narrow path. Stabbing cold felt like a knife imposing upon his body and the stench of death hung in the air. This was no winter wonderland.


The spider webs made faces at Alex as terrifying and lifeless trees covered in snow stood tall. Moving further into the forest, a lake of blackness emerged.


Ice blocks were floating like a frozen body in the centre of the Secret Island lake, as the emerald, penetrating lightning smashed against the base of the mountain. Marcel’s frost-bitten fingers frozen in time until he was forced forward by the wind towards the mountainous-looking tree of nightmares.


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R.E. this week! Year 2

The children have been listening to the Christmas story and thinking about why Christmas is important to Christians. The playdough challenge was to make a nativity scene. The children took time to add in details and really enjoyed seeing their own and others when finished. See if you can see what is happening in each scene!

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