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Year 1 Information Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you all for your support so far this term in helping to settle your children in to Year 1. They have risen to all of the new challenges!

The following is some information that we thought would be helpful in understanding new systems for reading and home learning.


On Monday, we will issue a reading book to each child based on their reading levels at the end of Reception. The reading books are clearly labelled with a phonics phase on the front cover (Phase 2,3,4 or 5). We understand that some children may have regressed over the lockdown period, equally some may have progressed further than they were in Reception. For this reason, please do speak to your child’s class teacher if your child finds their phase too easy or difficult and this can easily be rectified.

All books returning to school need to be placed in to quarantine for 3 days, therefore, your child may not be issued with a new book for a few days. In the meantime, please utilise the brilliant reading resources on Oxford Owl, Teach Your Monster to Read and Espresso Books all of which can be accessed via their Wonde account.

Read to Succeed:

We will be starting up ‘Read to Succeed’ from next week. The children can earn a token for reading 3 times a week and recording it in their Reading Journal. We are sending these Reading Journals home with their reading books. The tokens are then entered in to a prize draw, at the end of each half term, and the winning child from each class will receive a brand new book of their choice. Although there may only be one reading book from school each week, there are lots of other options for reading such as Oxford Owl or your own books at home. Reading must be recorded 3 times per week in order to win the token.

Home Learning:

Thank you to all of those that have sent in the gorgeous home learning to the Y1 email address. We have loved seeing what the children have done at home. Please continue to send this in. We will now be sending home a purple Home Learning book for the children to record their home learning in if they wish. Like the reading books, these will need to be quarantined for 3 days when they come back in to school. So we would like for these to come in every other Thursday to enable the children to share anything completed in them. We will let the children know which week it is. There is no expectation that the work is done on paper and we are very happy to receive home learning as an email if that suits better. Further to this, if the children make any models/3D work, please send in photos as we are unable to take in anything other than the books. The first hand in day will be Thursday 8th October.


As the weather gets cooler, we are aware that the doors and windows are all open throughout the day. The classrooms are getting cooler so please ensure your child has plenty of layers so that they are warm. As well as their winter coats for outdoor play.

Please ensure all clothing is clearly labelled with your child’s name so that it can be returned to you quickly if it goes missing.

One final request:

If you have any spare recycling, please send it in and we can make great use of it in our Design and Technology area for junk modelling. The children love to design and make new things out of the recycled goods!

Thank you in advance,

Year 1 Team

So Much

So Much

This week we have read the story ‘So Much!’ The story is about a family who get together for a surprise birthday party. The children have really enjoyed the story and have talked lots about their own birthday experiences.

Linking to our birthday theme our mark making area has been set up for writing and decorating birthday cards. Also outside on our stage the children have been singing, dancing and playing a range of musical instruments to get them in a party mood!

One of the main characters in the story is a baby so we have created a baby clinic for our role play. This has been very popular, the children have loved cuddling, dressing, feeding and changing our baby’s nappies.  

A big thank you to those who have already sent in your clean recycled materials for our junk modelling station. The children have been learning how to attach their chosen materials using tape and scissors safely to create a range of models such telescopes, robots, cars and their favourite animals.

Next week, we will begin to look at the changes that autumn brings. We would like collections of leaves, acorns, fir cones etc. Please could these be brought to school in a bag so that they can be quarantined initially.

 Please have a look at the Home Learning that has been attached to find some fun activities that link to each area of your child’s learning. From now on, the home learning will cover what we are going to be learning the following week. We would love to hear from you about your child’s home learning. Please could you email these to us at: .

A few reminders:

  • Please could you check that your child’s uniform, lunchboxes and any bags are named.
  • We are asking for £3 contributions towards buying ingredients for cooking. These can be made via the School Gateway app (if your child is in Reception) or put in a pot outside Nursery (if your child is in Nursery)
  • We are collecting recycled materials for our junk modelling station. Ideally we would like small boxes, washed yoghurt pots and small containers. Please can we ask that any recycled material that previously had nut products inside do not come in due to allergies that we have in school. Please could the items be brought in a bag and labelled, if possible, with the date they are brought in.

Thank you 🙂


A message about Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have had some queries about Home Learning and wanted to clarify for you. The Home Learning (green) books will be sent home on a fortnightly basis. One week the tasks that are set can be recorded in the green book and the second week they will be more practical and can be done without the book. On the Home Learning sheet, there are spellings to practise but the children only have to choose one of the other tasks to do. The children should also continue to read regularly at home and complete their weekly Sparx task. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Remember you can also send work, photos or videos to the email address: 

Thank you for supporting your child’s learning at home.

The Year 5 team

Year 2 go up, over, down, behind, through and accross!

This week we have been finding out about different sorts of words! We have continued our work on adjectives and also learnt about prepositions and verbs! The children had great fun going over, under, in, out, next to, behind, in front and across things and enjoyed thinking of different words for the ways in which we can move around. In Maths we have been continuing to look at Place Value, comparing numbers and representing numbers up to 100 in different ways. We have been very excited to begin our new history unit, ‘Up, up and away!’ We learnt about the story of Icarus who tried to make himself wings to escape from an island! In ICT we have talked about internet safety. This is a really important topic. Please encourage your child to chat with you at home about ways in which they can keep themselves safe online.  Well done Year 2! You have all worked very hard and should feel very proud of yourselves.

Just a few important notices this week:

  1. If your child needs an inhaler in school, please check with the office that you have completed the relevant paperwork and then make sure it is in school in a named bag.
  2. As lunches are now booked ahead online, it would be really handy if you could tell your child what type of meal they are having that day (main meal, vegetarian, jacket potato, packed lunch). This helps us to double check lists and registers in the morning.
  3. A reminder that Home Learning is still expected on a Thursday. As we have to quarantine the books before we can look at them and send them home again, you will only have the book to record in every other week. New Home Learning is still set weekly – during the ‘no book’ week, you can email us pictures or complete it on paper and send it in.
  4. Reading books have been sent home today along with reading journals. Again, these will need to be quarantined so there may be times when you are without a journal at home. You could keep your own log and fill it all in when you get it back.

Many thanks – have a great weekend. 


What a wonderful week in Year 5!

Science- We had great fun learning all about how the Earth is moving around the Sun. It was very interesting learning how long the Moon takes to orbit the Earth. On the computers, I loved finding out facts such as, Saturn has 66 moons! We made up a way to remember the order of the planets: My Very Elderly Minion Just Stood Upon Nails or My Very Enthusiastic Monkey Just Spat Upon Nobody.

Theo and Zachary 5RW

Maths- It was such fun learning about rounding this week. Today we rounded to the nearest 100,000. We also had to explain lots of different things we knew about a number, mine was 609,786 and I amazed the class with everything I knew.  Immy 5LS

We have been learning about rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, and 10,000 and we have even been looking at 6 and even 7 digit numbers, which has been very exciting. An example is, 21,574 rounded to the nearest 100 is 21,600. We have also explored calculations using <, >, and = It has been a great week. Harry 5LS


In English, we’ve been using the book Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman to help us create our own poems. We’ve made lots of different poems ready to write our own anthologies next week; my favourite was the repeating list poem where we included similes. Sophia 5GT

We’ve been trying to use mixed senses to make our writing more exciting in the poem. For example, one of my sentences was ‘I can smell the taste of disappointment lingering in the air.’ I really enjoyed writing haikus too, which are short Japanese poems. They follow a 5-7-5 syllable pattern and we had to think really hard about how to structure them! Marcel 5GT