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Sharing a shell in Pod 2SM

We’ve had a great week using the text ‘Sharing a shell’ and the children have even made their own shells with a twist!  They’ve tried really hard with their time telling and have mastered o’clock and many understood half past.  Keep testing them at home on this!

Have a great weekend – from Mrs McDonald, Miss Studley and Mrs Knee.

Time for exploring pod 2JMa

This week in Pod 2JMa we have been exploring plants in the sunshine.

We have been on nature walks searching for wild and garden plants. We have drawn and labelled parts of a plant and used water colours to paint different UK flowers.  

On Friday we took inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy and collected natural materials to make outside art pieces. 

In maths we have been learning to tell the time. We made our own analogue clocks and used this to solve time problems. 

The children have also enjoyed learning the book “sharing a shell”. They wrote their own stories based on this book. 

We also celebrated our first “pod” birthdays this week. 

Seahorses and Sharing a shell 3RW

It has been another lovely week in pod 3RW. The children have been working so hard in all of their learning. We read a new book ‘Sharing a shell’ and rewrote the story. We have made some gorgeous seahorses, portholes, starfish, British flower mini books and even made our own clocks so we could tell the time! 

Here are a few photos of what they’ve been up to:


Sharing a Shell……or a Pod in 3JF!

We have had another fun-filled week in 3JF with some lovely sunny weather to cheer us on our way! Our book for this week was ‘Sharing a Shell’ which we have all thoroughly enjoyed! We loved writing about the toys we would definitely not like to share with others (!) and had great fun acting out the story, hiding under our tables during the storm. This really helped us to learn and remember the story and we had a go at writing sentences about it on Friday morning. Super effort from all children – well done! In maths we have been learning about time! We can recite the days of the week and the months of the year and had great fun making our own clocks. We are all confident now at telling the time using o clock and half past and had a great time playing o clock bingo! Our craft adventures this week have included making stained-glass oceans and painting big pictures to go on display alongside our ocean-creature poems from last week. We have also enjoyed keeping fit with Go Noodle every day and have been working hard on our reading. Great job Pod 3JF! Home learners, remember to keep sending in your work to the home learning address. We really love to hear from you and learn about what you have been up to. 

Hello from Year 3!

Hello Year 3. Wow has been a long time since we posted on the BLOG! At the moment there are 15 year 3 pupils in school and we are in the 5GT classroom. The classroom looks different because we have to keep a safe distance. We wanted to say hi!

These are the people in our pod:

Like you guys at home, we have been doing the learning from google classroom. This week we created seascapes based on the work of artist William Turner. 

We really miss you all and hope you are all doing lots of fun learning at home. Keep checking in with us to see what we are up to. Send in your work to the home learning address and we will try to share that too. 

Pod 3JF join the Commotion in the Ocean!

We’ve had another really lovely week in Pod 3JF, even though the weather hasn’t always been particularly kind to us! We have loved learning about money and going ‘shopping’ every day with our virtual coins and were very keen to talk about the times we have held an actual £5 or even £10 note! In English, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and have written our own sea-creature poems. Next week’s job will be to finish decorating our carefully-copied out versions and to paint our own matching sea creatures to go with them. We have also been learning about the seaside and have enjoyed more sea-related craft activities. I hope you like our beautiful clay sequin fish! Have a lovely weekend – hopefully this rain will stop soon. Next week is meant to be very hot, so please ensure your child has a hat with them and has had sun cream applied before school so that we can spend as much time as possible outdoors (in the shade where necessary!). Many thanks – Mrs M, Mrs G and Mrs B

Free Solihull parenting programme which is available to access online

Devon Local Maternity System have purchased a multi-user licence for four Solihull Approach online courses, for all parents and parents-to-be.

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Together we are aiming to change the culture around parents‘ self-development and improve children’s wellbeing at the same time. A smoother home life is good for concentration, learning and performance at school.

  • Link to the courses – – access code TAMAR.
  • Email address for queries
  • Frequently asked questions for parents (attached).
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Another lovely week in 2SM Pod

We’ve had a great week in 2SM Pod doing lots of money activities in maths.  The children have really mastered spotting different coins and are able to say how much they are worth.  

They’ve also loved ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and have found lots of rhyming words as well as learning some interesting facts.  The children have done more ocean based art.  Their portholes and sea turtles are amazing!

Have a great weekend – from Mrs McDonald, Mrs Knee and Miss Studley.