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Hogwarts arrives at Exwick!

Welcome to Exwick Heights School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, one of the finest magical institutions in Devon! Today marks the first day of the Year 6 Triwizard Tournament! Over the course of the week, each house will compete in a series of challenges to win the Exwick Heights Trophy.

All pupils were sorted into magical houses. Groans and cheers echoed round the room as pupils learnt their fate. Once the process was complete, each house was assigned a Head of House: Professor Prosser (Gryffindor), Madame Baxter (Hufflepuff), Professor Glanville (Ravenclaw) and Professor Oakley (Slytherin).

This afternoon we played friendly games of Capture the Flag in the warm weather. After an early lead from Ravenclaw house, they finished as the champions of the day. Points were also awarded for teamwork and bravery.

Tomorrow the year group will face Quidditch, dodgeball and football. They will also be sent on a hunt to find Harry Potter characters: Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Who will be crowned champions?

Lights, Camera, Action!!!!

Year 4’s Paddington Assembly on British Values

I have really enjoyed our Year 4 Assembly featuring Paddington and the British Values. The songs we sung were Revolution, I fought the Law, Freedom, Respect and Let’s Get Together, each time we practiced, we got better and better. We were told that our assembly was great and everybody learnt their lines and knew when they had to be on stage. The narrators were given headpieces and microphones and everyone was outstanding. I was especially excited because the assembly was on my birthday!

Flint and Billy

I have loved bhangra dancing in our Year 4 Assembly. The dances we learnt all had names such as the Punjab, Bedi and Dhamal. It felt scary to stand up and dance in front of lots of people but it was brilliant. I was told that I a very good dancer and I was on the front row!


I have really enjoyed our Year 4 Assembly because of the singing, I really like the new songs especially Let’s Get Together. As well as singing, I enjoyed dancing a special dance called bhangra. My favourite part is where you turn both ways and sprinkle your hands around your head. We were very good at it.


Sport Relief

This week has been sport relief and lots of people dressed up as footballers. I was a dancer and I wore black long sleeved –shirt with an army denim skirt. We have enjoyed year group races today and everybody was so fast. At the end we had girls versus boy’s race and the girls won. That’s because the boys continued to talk! I am looking forward to watching the Sport Relief show on tv tonight which explains the importance of having a Sport Relief day to raise money for charities.


Year 5 were off to see the Wizard!

A fun-filled week in Year 5 with a trip to West Exe to watch their school production, the Wizard of Oz, followed by a workshop with visiting author Tanya Landman and then getting active for Sports Relief on Friday!

The children have begun to write their own creative legends in English and practised using the recovery position in PSHE. In Music, they learnt about the oldest instruments in the world and 5RW perfected their French phonics! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone and happy reading!

Reminder: Reading Journals in on Monday and a full PE kit in school.


Flotsam and Jetsam!

What a busy and inspiring week it has been in Year 2! Following World Book Day, the children have been sharing lots of stories within class. On Wednesday, the children were able to meet and listen to Tanya Landman, a local author, who told them the tale of “The Fisherman and His Wife”. Every child was mesmerised and really enjoyed the story. We also learned about two characters that she had invented – Flotsam and Jetsam. Some children had a go at drawing them, based on the description in Tanya’s book.

Thank you for all of your Sport Relief donations – the children all looked great in their sporty gear and have had the chance to ‘be sporty’ in the MUGA today. Have a great weekend!

The Gruffalo

This week we have been reading stories written by Julia Donaldson, particularly focusing on ‘The Gruffalo’. The children have enthusiastically participated in the retelling of this firm favourite.

Thankfully this week, the sun has made some brief, but much needed appearances, and we have been looking out for signs of spring; finding blossom on trees and hearing bird song. Our tadpoles are also growing, causing much delight.

On Wednesday, we had an enjoyable story time when the author, Tanya Landman, came and read to us. This was a good opportunity to see how an author reads their own work, as the children are beginning to create their own stories.

Friday was Sports Relief Day. In the Foundation Unit we talked about the reasons for fund raising and had fun running around the MUGA; making energy bites to eat at snack time; participating in ‘keep-fit’ activities; completing Spot-the dog tallies and craft activities.

Our new signs this week are: mouse, snake, owl and fox


We would also like any clean recyclable materials (e.g. cereal boxes, clean pots and kitchen rolls). Please could you bring them into school for the children to make models with. Thank you.

 As the weather is becoming dryer, the children are really enjoying digging over the garden but we are running short of soil. Do you have any spare bags of compost at home that you would be happy to donate? If so, please talk to your class teacher. Thank you.


Sport Relief and Author Visit

What a fun week we have had in year one!

We started the week by working hard on our subtraction counting back on a number line. We looked at the similarities and differences between addition and subtraction and starting applying this knowledge to some problem solving. In English we have also been re-writing the story of “Daisy Doodles”. The year one team were very impressed with how well the children remembered the story. We have started planning our own story which we will write next week.

We were very lucky to have a visit from the author Tanya Landman on Wednesday. She retold a traditional tale based on the Fisherman’s WIfe and then read some of her “Flotsam and Jetson” series aloud. The school has purchased some of her books which the children will be able to borrow.

Today was Sport Relief. We completed a zumbathon in the hall followed by 20 mins of continuous movement on the Muga. The adults joined in with all the fun too!