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This week has been like the back stage of a bustling theatre! The children have made great progress in their lines and are looking forward to getting into costume next week! If you have not already sent your child’s costume in, please could it come in on Monday.

Lots of you have been asking about the song words so please find them attached for your child to practise.

Thank you for all your ongoing support!


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The Something

This week we have been reading the story ‘The Something’. The story has sparked the children’s imaginations as the boy in the story finds a hole in his garden and speculates about the different creatures that might be hiding below!

The children have envisaged a whole host of different characters that might be lurking in the garden and these ideas have been included in their fantastic pieces of guided writing this week.

As the weather hasn’t been particularly kind to us this week, we have managed to spend some extra time honing our physical development skills in the hall as well as our outside space. Activities have included ball skills as well as an obstacle course. We also enjoyed a ‘crocodile tag’ game in our Reception P.E lessons, which linked nicely with our theme of the week.

During our circle times we have been continuing to think about perseverance when trying to achieve our goals. We explored how to be a supportive friend, the children came up with some kind words to say about each other which supported their learning.

We did some cooking this week and made some biscuits with holes in them to link to the hole in our story. These were made beautifully and enjoyed by the children during their snack time.


We also have been learning how to make our vocabulary grow by using different words for ‘think’. We have used: imagine, believe, picture and visualise.


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An EGGcellent week of learning in Year 1

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We started the week with a science investigation linked to our everyday materials topic. The children had to predict which material would be best to safely carry an egg. After carrying out the investigation we decided that the egg was best protected in cotton wool as it was soft and dense. As part of the investigation the children had to write an evaluation explaining which material would be most suitable. 

This week we have carried on learning about the Fire of London. The children had to put the key events in order and talk about how long the fire lasted for. We also started to use our knowledge of the Great Fire of London to discuss and write questions and key facts in English. In art we used our line, shape and colour knowledge to draw Tudor houses. 

It has been a challenging week in maths. We have been solving greater and less than problems involving 2 digit numbers. The children are gaining in confidence when explaining their reasoning whilst problem solving. 

In RE we learnt about the holy day of Shabbat in the Jewish faith. The children have also really enjoyed singing “Shalom” during singing assemblies.


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Our busy curriculum!

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We are enjoying our topic on the Anglo Saxons and the class are getting excited about our trip to Escot next week! We are learning about how the Anglo Saxon people lived and have researched information about their homes.  After learning about how their homes were built, we have been planning and making our own Anglo Saxon homes. We have used lolly pop sticks and straws for the structure then stuck them together with tape. We are about to find some bits and bobs for the rooves. I really enjoyed this project, my favourite bit was working together in our teams.



In English, we are continuing our Paddington stories and have been planning an opening, middle (which has a problem) and an ending. Each Year 4 class decided on their own problem, they were some very funny suggestions. 4CS have chosen ‘Paddington goes to IKEA’, 4ST are writing about Paddington on a cookery course and we have agreed on ‘Paddington goes to the Antique Shop’. The story so far is really funny and we have been learning about including present participles, adverbs and speech to tell the story effectively.



This week in spellings we have been focusing on words ending in ‘ture’ – for example picture, vulture and temperature. Each week we have a spelling test and almost everybody gets 10 out of 10. We are really proud of our scores! Next week we are learning more homophones – these are a bit scary and tricky for the test because they are words that sound the same but have different meaning and spellings.


A note from the Year 4 team – please ensure that your child’s reply slip for our Escot trip next week is returned promptly enabling us to confirm arrangements and staffing. If you would like to join us on the trip,  complete the tear off slip and return it with your child as soon as possible. Thank you.

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