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Year 6 so far…

This week we thought we’d share some thoughts from Year 6 pupils about how they’ve been finding Year 6 so far…

Year 6 is my favourite year! All the teachers are great: they’ll be sure to make you laugh. Before I came here I sometimes felt I wasn’t achieving as much as I could but when I came here I felt like a new person and able to achieve anything I put my mind to. They teach you loads and also make it fun!
Millie (6EB)

Ever since year 6 began, time has flown by. Every day I learn new skills in each subject I take part in. These lessons are hard but fun at the same time which is the key to enjoyment during these lessons. Determination has flooded year 6 students, all of whom are aiming to make it their most successful year!
William (6EB)

I have loved year 6 because of all the amazing lessons we do. My favourites are the creative lessons where I am able to express myself such as ART, drama and PSHCE. This year we have already performed in our Remembrance assembly where we were able to sing, dance, act and narrate. I loved it and already I cannot wait until our next opportunity to perform in the production!
Bella (6VG)

I am especially enjoying the Greater Depth writing group. It helps me to write at my full potential. I have never experienced anything like it and am learning so much!
Ivy (6VG)

Since September life in year 6 has flown by. It is a challenging year but every subject has been enjoyable because our teachers make learning fun. This year, is truly the best year group in Exwick Heights – it will bring tears to our faces when it is time to leave this school.
Theo (6BP)

During my time in Year 6 I have enjoyed many things. These include our Remembrance assembly, singing lessons and even our practice SATS week. I enjoyed the Remembrance assembly because we learnt a lot about war through writing poems, singing, narrating and acting. On top of this, we performed our wonderful assembly to our parents. I have also enjoyed our practice SATS week as we all improved our scores. My favourite lesson though is singing because we do it as an entire year group – it has brought us together as a year group! So far Year 6 has been a blast!
Amelie (6BP)

Blog by Lewis and Ben

It’s beginning to get a little bit Christmassy!


This week in English the Year 4 Team are daring to venture into a Christmassy mood with the introduction to an ‘Explanation Text’. Children will plan and draft their ideas to explain how Santa’s sleigh works! We’ve began with an elicitation (children demonstrate their explanation skills independently), and children were asked to explain how a hoover works. Children enjoyed it, letting their imaginations run away with them; a little like the ‘sit on’ hoovers that some were writing about! It should be fun….

Topic (Rivers)

Our children desperately need cardboard please. We are about to create a river journey and using a variety of collage techniques, intend to plan, research,  then create a magnificient piece of art work. We will display our new knowledge about rivers in our local area as well as rivers around the world.

Carols in the Playground

Year 4, 5 and 6 are now rehearsing songs for this  year’s Carols in the Playground. It would be a great idea for your children to begin practicing their singing skills at home and learning new lyrics to songs. Copying out the lyrics and drawing pictures or cartoons is an effective way of learning songs. Our performance will take place on Tuesday 17th December at 3.30 in the Year 6 play area. It would be fantastic to see parents and friends there, so pop the date into your diary.

Best wishes from the Year 4 Team