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Books , building and bones in Year 3

The last couple of weeks have been busy in Year 3. Let’s start by looking at home Learning and the creative ways in which you represented the dump from the Paperbag Prince. It was wonderful to see the great models you built re-using  waste items. We clearly have some budding artists. Keep up the great effort Year 3!

In English we enjoyed looking for features in non-fiction texts. We found the index, contents, blurb, glossary etc. Soon we will be wriitng our animal reports which will form class books.


In maths, we have been using what we  learnt about place value, to solve tricky puzzles and problems using reasoning skills. Her we are readoning with our partners. Can you hear our brains whirring?


Finally, in science we have been learning about the different names for bones in the human skeleton. Here we are pointing out different parts with the help of resident school skeleton Mr Bones!

Keep posted for more wonderful learning in Year 3.

Memories and Teeth

It has been another busy week in year 1. 

In history we thought about our earliest memories. We even got to hear about the earliest memories of our teachers.

Can you guess who is who? 

We also had an exciting visit from the dentist this week. All of the children enjoyed receiving their free goodie bag, designing their perfect toothbrush and writing top tips to keep teeth healthy. 

Friendly reminders

Reading books are changed on Mon, Wed and Fri.

Library books are changed on a Wednesday.

PE kits should stay in school every day

Home learning is due on a Thursday. 


Year 1 team. 


A Warm Welcome to Year 4

The Year 4 Team would like to welcome you to our blog; a great way to share lots of learning experiences with you during the academic term. We have had a super start and our children appear happy, settled and (more or less) organised. A reminder please that Reading Journals (signed please) are due in on Mondays and Home Learning books are expected,  on Thursday. A reminder too that PE takes place on Monday and Tuesday (4CS) and Tuesday and Friday (4ST and 4WW). The weather is of course becoming colder, so outdoor gear would be recommended.

Today we have completed our first English writing topic based on the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’. Children have immersed themselves in drama/speaking and listening activities as well as watching original footage of the volcanic eruption. We’re not so sure they were impressed with news clips having black and white tv, but the scary backing music made them take note! They have worked really hard on improving sentence work which includes fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases and produced some lovely pieces of historic narrative.

Science has been a hit with our children – a variety of digestive systems have arrived in abundance – models of human organs are hanging from most corners of the classrooms and they are very life like!  Next week we will be learning more about teeth hygiene and making some examples of clay molars!! 

In music, children are enthusiastically enjoying instrumental teaching. This term they are having an introduction to the acoustic guitar and will be able to play along with simple melodies. It’s pretty calm at the moment, but the electric guitars and bass guitars with amps awaits!

Can we take this opportunity of thanking you for a warm welcome. The team have had opportunity to say hi to many parents and a reminder that we are available if you have any concerns during this new and transitional time.

Kind regards, the Year 4 Team


Another fantastic week in Year 6!

We would like to commend Year 6 pupils for the exceptional standard of Home learning we have been receiving week after week. From thorough spelling practice to artistic depictions of war, the quality across Year 6 has been outstanding. We look forward to what will be completed this week! Thank you to all pupils and families for bringing in a variety of photographs and artefacts from wartime. It has been a pleasure to learn about our pupils’ ancestry and, thanks to you, we’ve been able to show our children genuine war helmets, medals and diaries. We understand how special these are so thank you.

  • Miss Baxter, Mr Prosser and Mrs Glanville.


We have had another fantastic in Year 6! In maths, we have been learning about the four operations focusing on long division. In P.E. we have done some interpretive dance based on various scenarios of WW1 and have continued with Tag Rugby. We continue to enjoy our afternoon rotation on a Friday with lessons in ICT, French and Life Skills.

  • Written by pupils in Year 6.

Production rehearsal is in full swing!

Year 5 continue to impress us all with their dedication to crafting the most spectacular year group assembly you’ll ever witness! The all-singing, all-dancing production is coming along beautifully- we can’t way to show off our moves on Friday 11th Oct!   

We’re also learning the lyrics to ‘Count on Me’ by Bruno Mars as the final cherry-on-top of our year group assembly. Follow the link below to practice the words ready for the final performance!  

Christmas appears to have come slightly earlier than anticipated for Year 5- we’ve already finished designing our Christmas cards! Look forward to seeing the final designs in the near future!    

Our decorative designs and delightful dancing haven’t stopped us from stretching our brains and discovering more about our world! In Geography, all of the children have been learning about the importance of renewable energy sources. This week, we combined our knowledge of countries who rely less on fossil fuels for energy (such as Iceland at only 12%!) with mathematics work on bar charts, the mean and the average.

And finally, we’ve received even more amazing pieces of informative, creative homework worth celebrating. Keep sending your pictures, Powerpoints or online reports to our Year 5 email. We’re also really pleased with the massive enthusiasm for books that the children are showing- all the children will have a book from their class, library or the Year 5 book corridor. Keep reading every day and recording in your reading diary (with an adult signature at least once a week) to receive your Read to Succeed tickets!

 Have a great weekend, Year 5!

So Much

This week we have read the story ‘So Much!’ The story is about a family who get together for a surprise birthday party. The children have really enjoyed the story and have talked lots about their own birthday experiences.

Linking to our birthday theme our role play area has been set up as a birthday party with the children making and serving birthday treats as well as many making their own birthday badges for the special occasion. They have played party games with music in our outdoor area as well as making playdough cakes with candles.

We also read the story ‘How Many Legs?’ The story asks the reader to count the total number of legs there would be if a whole host of creatures arrived for birthday tea. The children found it very amusing trying to keep track of how many legs there would be and we had some very close predictions of the final total, which was 174!

In nursery the children have been busy practising their whisking skills this week whilst making Angel Delight for our snack.


  • We would like any clean recyclable materials (e.g. cereal boxes, clean pots and kitchen rolls). Please could you bring them into school for the children to make models with. Thank you.
  • To replenish our resources, we would be happy to accept any spare or leftover birthday candles, banners, cards or paper plates to use for our role play areas.

Year 2 are super scientists!

We’ve had a very busy week in Year 2.  We’ve been writing stories based on Duckie’s Rainbow and learning about place value using the images of the part whole model and Diennes. 

In science, we carried out an experiment to find out which material was the most absorbent.  The children worked well as a team and tried to keep the test fair.  The groups had different results so they may want to do some more testing at home!

Your child may come home this weekend with a manifesto sheet.  This is because they have expressed an interest in standing for school council.  They can either fill this out independently or you can support them if you wish.  Next week, they will share their manifesto with the class.  Then on Monday the 7th we will have an election.  Each Year 2 class will have one school councillor and a deputy. 

We are really excited about the trip on Tuesday.  Remember, we will be arriving back at school between 4.15pm and 4.30pm depending on traffic. 

Don’t forget to send in your reading record books on Monday so your child can add a tally to our class bar chart and maybe earn a Read to Succeed ticket for having a signed book for reading at home at least three times.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 2 Team