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Fun at the farm!

Wow, what an incredibly busy couple of weeks! Last week, we had our amazing trip to Pennywell Farm! We were very lucky with the weather and we took part in lots of amazing activities. We had the opportunity to hold lots of different animals and went looking for creatures, during our pond dipping activity. We also had a tractor/trailer ride.

Following the trip, the children wrote a recount of their lovely day, during our English lessons. They were able to write in such detail, as they learnt lots of interesting facts!

In maths, we have finished our big unit of work on multiplication and division. The children have really enjoyed this and we have been really impressed with their home learning efforts too.

A final thank you for all of your children’s beautiful recycled planters. They have been so proud to bring them in and are continuing to look after them – with a little help from the rain!

Thanks again,

Year 1 Team  

Mad About Minibeasts

Mad About Minibeasts

This week we have been exploring the rhyming book ‘Mad About Minibeasts’ by Giles Andreae and we certainly have been mad about minibeasts! The children have loved going up into the Discovery Garden (when it wasn’t raining) and searching for as many minibeasts as they could find. We looked under logs, in bushes and on flowers; we saw hundreds of different types.

We have learnt two different songs, one about a caterpillar and one about what minibeast we might like to be. We have filmed the children singing these songs – perhaps they can teach you the words at home?!

Our caterpillars are growing very quickly and the children love watching their progress and talking about what has happened. We think Mrs Woodward’s caterpillars are the biggest so far.

We have been exploring how to make our vocabulary grow and have learnt three new words for ‘find’. These are: spot, locate and discover.


As we are now in the summer term, please ensure your children have sun cream applied before coming into school and can they be provided with a named sunhat. Hopefully it will stop raining and we can enjoy some summer weather.

We have added two new signs to link with our theme this week, they are: spider and insect.

Great learning in Year 3

As usual we have been really impressed with the super home learning that has been going on.

Well done to Rufus who really got into the role of explorer!

Lots of you produced super posters this week. Here is one of our school councillors busy creating an eye-catching poster for our forthcoming RSPCA fundraiser.

Check out this cool exploding volcano!

In maths we have made great progress in using the four operations and choosing the correct calculations for different word problems. Her we are sorting word problems into addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

In art we looked at the wonderful patterns created by the artist Escher. We made our own tesselating templates to create wonderful patterns. This took lots of skill and concentration!

Finally, in science we turned off all the lights to explore how light travels in a striaght line. We shone torches onto a mirror to find out in which direction the reflected light shone.

Amazing Africa!

Over the last few weeks, in art we have been using Africa as our influence for drawing and discovering facts that are typical of African artwork. In a few weeks, we will have a giant display of some of our work. We are also working hard on our African dancing, drumming and singing. By Lillie

In English, these last few weeks, we have started reading Kensuke’s Kingdom. It is such a good book that we all can’t wait for the next chapter. It’s got a really good story line about a boy who goes overboard whilst on a trip around the world with his family. Michael Morpurgo mentions Africa in this book, which links nicely to our topic. The vocabulary in this story is amazing, with words like ‘raucous’ and ‘intriguing. All in all, this is a great book and we are all on the edge of our seats waiting for the next chapter. By Jack’

This week in maths our topic is angles. We have learnt how to measure acute, right, obtuse and straight line angles. Also, we have looked at angles we see every day, for instance, on beds! Some learning points have been challenging, like measuring angles beyond 180 degrees. We have also done lots of work on using a protractor and measuring accurately. We have used our own knowledge to solve other angle problems. We love this maths topic and hope it continues. By Theo

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about our topic of Africa. We have been set a 4 week project to explore the continent further. So far, we have been looking closer into the habitats of animals. Also, we have extended our knowledge by making maps of Africa and it’s landscape. Our wonderful teachers have also questioned our knowledge by giving us a quiz in some classes! We hope we can discover Africa further in the next few weeks of school. By Amelie

Over the last few weeks, in guided reading we have been studying different books and looking deeper into the text to truly understand the meaning of the story and the choice of the authors words. Then, we have been answering questions about the text to explore it in greater depth. We have been learning to make a point, give evidence, and end, linking back to our first point. We can remember this by thinking ‘P.E.E.’ Every Friday we get a new text, and then 6-9 questions about it, we are becoming experts now. By Lily and Grace

Year 5 Home Learning 13th June 2019


For our upcoming DT project – building flood proof houses – we would appreciate any donations of the following items to support the children’s model making:

  • Plastic bottles / tubs / pots
  • Waterproof fabric (e.g. tarpaulen, plastic sheeting, rubber)
  • Strong cardboard (boxes, crates)

Please ensure they are clean and dry before sending any materials in. Thank you!


The Year 5 Team