Monthly Archives: June 2019

Furry Friday!

To support our chosen charity as voted for by the school council (the RSPCA), we have raised money by donating £1 to dress up in our best animal gear for Furry Friday. The range of different creatures on display were furbulous!

We’ve also received some brilliant home learning, where gorgeous pieces of art work around tsunamis have been produced- we have some very talented artists in year 3! This creativity and attention to detail will be very much needed for Art week starting on Monday!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend- don’t forget to apply suncream, stay hydrated and have buckets of fun!

In the jungle

In the Jungle

Although it has been a very busy week we have still had time to explore ‘the jungle’; discovering what the climate is like and the wildlife there. We used the poetry book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and discovered that some of the animals mentioned do not live in the jungle!

The reception children have created ‘Guess what I am’ booklets, where they wrote several clues and then you lift the flap to reveal the jungle creature. Perhaps you could ask your child to tell you the about their chosen animal for you to have a guess!

We have been exploring how to make our vocabulary grow and have learnt three new words for ‘scary’: These are frightening, terrifying and fearsome.

Our signs this week have been; snake, elephant and monkey.

Class caterpillar update:

All the classes returned from the long weekend to find butterflies in their nets. Everybody was surprised as the caterpillars had only been in their chrysalis for one week rather than the predicted two.

By Friday all our caterpillars had turned into beautiful orange and black butterflies!

Sports day

Didn’t the children all do well? We expect that you were as proud of them as we were; what great team spirit and enthusiasm was shown! We were also very pleased that the weather was kind to us; it was a great day for both the Nursery and the Reception classes. Thank you for coming to support us.

Also a ‘big’ thank you to all the adults that came to help!


We would be grateful to receive more reclaimed materials: cardboard boxes, kitchen roll tubes, clean pots and containers that have ‘nut-free’ contents.


We are very short of spare socks. Do you have any you could donate? If so we would be very grateful for them!

Thank you.


Sporty Superstars!

This week we had our sports day and what an amazing day it was! We were really proud of the sportsmanship and encouragement that children showed towards each other. The round-robin events were great fun and were finished off perfectly by the running races. 

This week we have had a wonderful time in our ‘Discovery Garden’ pretending to be Mr Benn. The children had to think of an adventure that Mr Benn could get up to, while he was in the garden. There were some amazing ideas, including becoming a bee keeper, an animal rescuer, a gardener and many more! 

In maths, we have been looking at quarters this week. The children have had some great lessons on how to share objects, quantities and shapes into four equal groups. We will be moving onto time and capacity in the next couple of weeks, as well as art week, next week. We look forward to showing you our artistic skills! 

Zoo-per Zoologists!!

Although  it was a wet and rainy start, Year 2 had an amazing time at Paignton Zoo! When we arrived, we realised that the weather had put most other people off and we had the entire complex to ourselves! The children were able to see many of the animals. The giraffes were out in force, munching on their juicy branches and the elephant was leaning, cross-legged on the fence, eating hay.

The children all attended an ‘Adaptations Workshop’, where they learned how certain animals were suited to living in their habitats. They found this very interesting and were able to ask questions and feel animal skins, shells and bones!


We romped through Crocodile Swamp, swung through Monkey Heights and swayed through the blowy grasslands. All in all, a fantastic day. A huge THANK YOU to all the parent helpers who made the day run smoothly and added to the fun!


Caterpillar update

  • Our caterpillars have grown and changed very quickly- in about a week they were fully grown!
  • Now each class has a pot of caterpillar chrysalis’ and it’s just a waiting game to see who will have the first butterflies
  • The children are just so excited by the whole process; I’m sure they will let you know when it happens!


This week we have been talking about how we use our imagination; how we all think creatively about different scenarios. The children have enjoyed a variety of stories where the characters’ either draw pictures or retell stories. Perhaps your child could retell some to you?

Alongside this, we have created our own books and ‘doodle’ pictures using a variety of mark making materials. They have really enjoyed drawing and chatting to their friends about their art pieces.

We have had a little success with practising our Sports Day races – fingers crossed for lovely weather next week. If you have not received your information e-mail regarding sports day, then please speak to your class teacher.

To give us energy to take part in the races, the children have made (and eaten) ‘energy bites’. They were very popular!

We have been exploring how to make our vocabulary grow and have learnt three new words for ‘imagine’. These are: visualise, envisage and picture.

Our signs this week have been; to think, to model and to draw.

Notes: – if you have any spare trousers or shorts at home, we would really appreciate some in school to stock up our spare clothes boxes.