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Year 5 are getting potty about half term!

This week in art we have been potty about our Greek clay pots. They have made it to the kiln and we are excited to see the results! We have learnt that there are 7 stages to pot making:

Planning and designing

Mold the red terracotta clay, using techniques such as, pinch or coil

Dry the clay out so it doesn’t explode in the kiln

Fire the red clay in the kiln

Cool before we can paint it

Paint your pot with ancient Greek design

Finally, varnish your pot to make it shiny

By Ivy and Bella

This week in topic we have started to look at the Ancient Greeks which began in 8 BCE and 500 BCE. We have only just started, but we are loving it. We have learnt about how many countries Alexander the Great conquered during his rule. We have been reading the classic myth, Theseus and the Minotaur. It is a really good story with an amazing twist at the end. In order to learn the story, we have used the “Talk for Writing” technique. This is where you draw a picture for each word so that you can read your drawings to remember all the words. It is a very useful piece of work. All the current Year 6s say that the Ancient Greeks was one of their favourite topics throughout all of year 5. All in all, we are loving our new subject, and find the Greeks weird and wonderful imaginations very intriguing. By Jack and Lily

This week in guided reading we have been working our socks off. During our Re-Think reading sessions we have been using an on-line resource (Mysteries of Catahoyuk) to carry out some great research. We have also been using non-fiction books to extend our knowledge of the Greeks. We have compared the two types of research and considered which we preferred

By Amelie

In maths we have been learning how to order fractions, we need to convert the fractions to have a common denominator and then reconvert them back to normal. Improper fractions are very cheeky, they disable us from doing quick maths, but we always find a way (using mixed numbers). After converting the mixed numbers, we either put them in either descending or ascending order. We are really enjoying this maths challenge! By Theo

Great fire, fun and biscuits!

It’s been a busy week again in Year 1! The children have loved continuing with the work on the Great Fire of London. They are now all experts on the reasons behind the fire, the events that unfolded during the week and the people who were involved at the time. All the children have had a go at writing a sentence about the fire and some of them even pretended that they were actually there, writing a diary entry about what they could see and hear from their windows as the fire was blazing! They have worked hard all week to produce some lovely art work depicting the great fire and Class 1JM even followed in the footsteps of Samuel Pepys by burying a box in the woods! Inside, they have written about the items that are special to them….. in other words, what they would bury if they were Mr Pepys! I wonder if anyone will find it?….. We are looking forward to receiving some super Great Fire of London Home Learning projects after half term.

In maths, we have been recapping our number bonds to 10 and then using these to help us to work out the trickier bonds to 20. On Thursday morning we had a great time icing ‘number bond’ biscuits. We hope that you enjoyed eating them at home!

Best wishes for a lovely half term

The Year 1 Team

The Naughty Bus

The Naughty Bus

We have had a great final week of this half term working with the fantastic story ‘The Naughty Bus’. This book is always well received by the children; causing much excitement and conversation.

Travelling by bus has been a big part of our role play area this week. The Naughty Bus focuses on the journey of a toy bus that gets into all sorts of dilemmas with the help of his human friend. On our bus, we have traveled all around the country and the world, with ticket prices varying from very reasonable to very expensive! Although made of bricks, our bus has had many drivers and passengers and has been on journeys from Exmouth to Disney Land.

In the story the bus zooms through a plate of baked beans. We have enjoyed our beans on toast for snack and have had them in the play tray, being scooped and moved by the diggers; splashing through them, as did the Naughty Bus.

Also we have created maps and routes, designed various vehicles from reclaimed materials and shape blocks. We have also explored floating and sinking by making our own boats.

We have talked with the children about being safe near water. The Naughty Bus went too close to the water’s edge and fell in. We have discussed about staying safe near water and have learnt a short song about taking ‘one step back’ when near the water’s edge and the need to be with an adult.

The new signs that we have learnt this week are: bus, help and dinosaur.

We hope you have a lovely and safe half term holiday; having exciting but restful times with your families. Fingers crossed for lovely sunshine!

Happy half term!

The children have been working on subordinate clauses in writing. They have enjoyed showing us their understanding by writing superhero sentences. Here’s an example including a subordinate clause – If you’re bored at half term, play times table rock stars. Play times table rock stars if you’re bored at half term.

In maths we have been revising addition strategies. The children have remembered how to draw diennes to help them as well as number lines.

Over half term, it would be great if your child could go on times tables rock stars. A few children have mentioned that their grownups have been having a try on it. Whilst it is great fun, please can it be for the children as it is programmed to ask questions that they get wrong more often and it may make the questions harder for your child to answer!

Also, if you get any opportunities over half term to work with money – counting the coins in your money jar, working our change at the shop etc please let your child get involved. As we use cards more and more, children have less understanding of what coins look like and their value. Any activities you can do on this will be be helpful.

We wish you all a relaxing half term and we look forward to welcoming you back after the break.